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abzdine1962d ago

i'm DL it from SEN because i'm at work! It should be ready when i come home!

victoryscreeeeeech1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Good to see ur using ur time at work wisely. Commenting on n4g and all.......

abzdine1962d ago

i'm free to use my time as i want to as long i have the job done.. i'm not one of those who pretend working when they aren't doing anything.

victoryscreeeeeech1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

U should use your time the way you want. Like how im not doing anything at all. I was just joking but i guess it wasn't funny, or it didn't seem that playful. Congrats on getting your job done. And I apologize

HammadTheBeast1962d ago


On N4G people expect to see an /s or /jks sign to show sarcasm. Too many nuts here to differentiate between the trolling and jokes lol.

sarcastoid1962d ago

I can't find it on SEN :(

dkeat1962d ago

@misterzadir: yea, I'm guessing this is for EU

sobekflakmonkey1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

just so you guys know, the picture that shows up on the website is defs a doesn't look like that at all...I was hoping for something a little more impressive, DAMN YOU E3 for messing with my standards!!!

SolidStoner1962d ago

I can tell you that this game is so different...

physics really show true superiority over all other driving simulators...

pity.. Im having problems with the demo.. ps3 is shutting off while I am in the menus... and if I skip them fast I get to play for 1 - 2 hours..

hope it will be fixed.. all other games work perfect (except COD BO2, it had same issue)

my old 60 gig granny is getting old...

Soldierone1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )


If its your 60GB thats doing it, then the chip needs to be re-attached to the board. Videos on Youtube show how to do it. You just need some thermal and whatever.

It's basically over heating and causing it to freeze. My old 60B started doing that last year, sold it and just got a slim. I Never played PS2 games anymore so I didn't really mind at all. Plus those 60GB still sell for a crap ton of money.

Dee_911962d ago

Just downloaded it no @!!!!!

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Me-Time1962d ago




showtimefolks1962d ago

its amazing how long it took for GT5 to come out and now how quickly GT6 is coming out and looks to improve on every single aspect of Gt5

Now PD is a lot more familiar with PS3's tech, at this rate i expect a new Gt game on ps4 in fall 2015, since PS4's development is much much easier.

i recently saw a video for GT6 and it looked stunning, lie almost a next gen title, huge improvement over Gt5

i won't bother with demo since i know for sure its a day one buy

WarThunder1962d ago

BTW guys, this was posted on GTplanet:

"The demo in no way represents the final sound, Kaz confirmed it, these sounds in the demo are place holders."

jerethdagryphon1962d ago

its good the different suspension model and tires is really noticable

RedHawkX1962d ago

who needs crap forza when gt6 is superior on the ps3 already. gt6 the king of racers fact!

Blade Runner1962d ago

That is one of the dumbest comments. Crap forza...The Forza and GT series is one of the best race sims games on consoles. Either you have never played forza or you are a troll. Prob both.

IRetrouk1962d ago

Have to agree with blade here red, both games are fantastic with both offering something a little that the other does not.
I do still think gt is more of a harcore sim than forza but thats just me, gt also offers more of a challange on track and a finer eye to detail while i think forza offers the best entry into a sim style racing game, it also has great customisation. I have played both series from their first right up to the very latest versions, while i do prefer gt i can understand why some would prefer forza.

Animal Mutha 761962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

@Blade and IRetro above.

Finally some sensible people making rational comments. Bubble up for both :)

loretta12mazur1962d ago

til I looked at the receipt four $4930, I accept that my brother actualie bringing in money parttime from their computer.. there sisters neighbour had bean doing this for only 1 year and resantly cleared the debts on their appartment and purchased a great Renault 5. I went here,.........

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lnvisibleMan1962d ago

Downloading it right now. Size 1072 MB.

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yewles11962d ago

WOW!!! Already a massive improvement in compression, it's 1/3 the size of last year's demo (3GB). Great work, PD!

omi25p1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Im playing it now. Are though GT6 was meant to be groundbreaking graphically.

It looks worse than Forza Horizon.


Actually i take that back.

The Nissan opening Section of the demo looks awful. But I have just won the Leaf looked brilliant

Denethor_II1962d ago

"It looks worse than Forza Horizon."

Jesus that bad!

RedHawkX1962d ago

dont be a troll gt and especially 6 is always better thn crap forza. forza sucks and is only praised by the fanboys of the xbox because they ave no games they are just playing multiplat games while we are playing gt6, pupeteer, the last of us, god of war ascension and soon beyond 2 souls, etc playstation is what everyone needs.

finbars751962d ago

Looks worst then forza?You my friend are out of your dam mind.The game looks stunning in every way.Forza reminds me of shiny bubblegum cars driving around with no realistic look or feel to it.GT6 looks and plays smoother then butter and im sure everybody will agree once they play the demo.

omi25p1962d ago

Looks stunning? No it doesn't.

The grass has no textures, the road surfaces are as smooth as glass. The trees are low res. Inside the cars looks terrible..

It is not an "Amazing looking game"

Dont even bother trying to claim i haven't played it. Or that im a fanboy.

Im literally playing it as i write this.

The second you touch the brakes you immediately skid. Its either full on the brake or not on the brakes. Its terrible.

The cars are like bumper cars, They have no impact when they it into each other.

xPhearR3dx1962d ago

Gotta agree with omi25p on this one. The graphics are not stunning at all. This has to be a low res demo. GT5 looks way better than this demo. One thing that does drive me nuts about GT (Even in GT5) the cars do feel like bumper cars. I've smacked into the side of a car and it makes a bumper car noise and practically nothing happens. They got the handling right, but they need to work on the collisions.

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IRetrouk1962d ago

Omi, im just gonna say it... pressure sensitive buttons, also play it with a half decent wheel, its how you are supposed to play gt, if you have to use your pad change the gas and break buttons to r2 and l2.

wantedboys1962d ago

Gran Turismo 6” will see release for PS4 on Nov. 24."

did he meant ps3