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Krish of RealGamerNewz writes, "Two years ago Naughty Dog, a successful video games development company which is home to the masterminds behind the epic PlayStation exclusives favored by gamers and critics, announced it’s latest masterpiece named “The Last Of Us” before the Spike Video Game Awards.

At original announcement Naughty Dog described it as an “exclusive you won’t believe”. At that moment, Sony fans started anticipating the latest addition to the world of PlayStation exclusives. Naughty Dog,the brain behind the famous Crash Bandicoot, Jak, and the Uncharted series promised gamers of a once in a lifetime experience in the Playstation 3. Many gamers including me had to doubt whether The Last Of Us may be similar to Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series.

June 14, 2013 was the day Naughty Dog proved all of us wrong and indeed delivered an extra ordinary experience ever in gaming. The reviewing copy i received from Sony was included in the Joel Edition of the game."

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