Signs Suggest a Mid-life Crisis for PSP

PVG is not quite ready to declare the PSP dead in the water, but finds evidence that the system may be past its prime, as fewer hotly-anticipated games appear on the horizon.

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VigorousApathy3675d ago

Didn't I just read an article about how the PSP was finally coming into its prime after so long?

Danja3675d ago

this article is the last 3 months the PSP has released so many great games..not to mention..P3:FES is coming out soon...

Maddens Raiders3675d ago

a silly article. My head hurts now.

dragunrising3675d ago

In the last month I bought God of War, FF War of the Lions, FF Crisis Core, and Patapon...The PSP is anything but dead. Its nice that Sony is catering to the hardcore crowd finally. I bought mine in anticipation of all these great games. Its not going anywhere for a while.

silent h3ro3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Danja, dood, Persona 3 is for PS2 not PSP. Get it right!

Carbon3674d ago

Personally I think the PSP's potential is just starting to warm up. Sony's just now realizing with the adding features with the firmware updates such as (Skype, GPS, Camera, Blue tooth capeabilitys, Remote play) Should I keep going.. Anyways, my point is the PSP is no longer considered strictly a gaming console. It's that and much more. I recently purchased mine several weeks ago and use it 75% of the time for music at work. Most people have Ipods and I pull out the PSP and play a movie and people are blown away by the screen size and the cost compared to an IPOD. I'm now not the only one with a PSP in the corperate world at work and the list is growing!

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clinker3675d ago

Yes, but then again, God of War and Crisis Core dropped on the PSP last month, and nobody seems to care. Everyone seems more focused on upcoming PS3 and 360 titles.

gEnKiE3675d ago

Your not serious are you?

IntelligentAj3675d ago

Nah I don't think he's serious, at least I hope not.

BlackIceJoe3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

I for one don't agree with this article one bit. But I am going to approve of it any way. Because one rule of N4G is if it is news worthy to approve it.

My reasons of not liking this article is because Sony just said at E3 they have some really big things to say about the PSP. They said they will talk more on the idea of bringing the PS Store to work from the PSP. Sony also said they will talk about some new IPs and franchise people know and love. Also about adding the keyboard and Eyetoy for the PSP.

So I take it at E3 Sony is going to talk about some really cool new games coming out for the PSP. So no the PSP is not dying out. If any thing the PSP is really starting to fly.

marioporter3675d ago

While I disagree with the article, I have to say that I disagree with you. Like Sony's going to say bad stuff about the PSP at E3. Or anyone for that matter. How many times have you heard just hype at E3? Just because Sony said it, doesn't make it so.

Harry1903675d ago

even the journalist are paranoid and

Breakfast3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

if you spelled that word in one shot shot you're a genius...although you used poor grammar and you skipped a line when you shouldnt

Harry1903675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Even the journalists have become paranoid
and schizophrenic/schizoid.

My bad,french-english mix up.
and i'm everywhere on this site,
i am bound to make petty errors.

Poor grammar is a thing,but i don't
really understand internet slang

Sev3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

The PSP is not past its prime. Its just now coming into its glory.

With the recent increase in sales (+85%) developers will see the larger install base and release more content.

Just because the bigger "announced games" have already hit, doesnt meant there arent bigger "unannounced game" on the horizon.

There is still a Kingdom Hearts PSP game, and Final Fantasy Dissidia.

I am also sure we will see a few more things from new developers taking a crack at the portable system.

This writer should have waited for E3 before writing this article.
There is sure to be a ton of PSP games announced at E3

I am not familiar with the site, but I assume its biased toward the DS.

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