New gold Xbox 360 wireless controller available this August

Microsoft has revealed a new addition to the chrome series of wireless controllers for the Xbox 360.

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d_dogg20071965d ago

PFF!! HAHAHA!! Double A batteries!! Still can't get over that one!! Marvelous piece of engineering!

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d_dogg20071965d ago

The tech they put in the 360 had made that console obsolete even before it came out! @shivvy RROD Proved that!

Rusty5151965d ago

You can use a charger pack if you don't want to use batteries. LOL at Sony trolls. Have nothing better to do than go on Xbox articles. And I'm probably gonna get downvoted into oblivion now that I gave you an option for the controller that would benefit to your liking. N4G is full of Sony circle jerkers. Every time you see a positive Sony article whats always the comments? "OMG SONY! YOU ARE AMAIZNG! WE LUV U. YOU R GOD AND YOU CAN'T DO ANY WRONG HAR HAR HAR" LMAO You guys seriously need to hear yourselves.

d_dogg20071965d ago

Moar money!!!! Xbots must be the richest gamers in the world if they love to keep spending money for whats free on the other console!Scratch that their not the riches jsut the stupidest! I mean you really must have piss poor taste in gaming if you chose a 360 over a ps3! Charger pack you hear yourself??? How about recharge battery from the start! Jeez demand a bit more quality would you??

Rusty5151965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

@d_dogg2007: That's the funny part. I don't even like Xbox. I'd choose playstation over Xbox ANYDAY. I mostly game on PC and ps3 (soon to be ps4) for exclusives. The only reason I'm on this article is because out of just pure curiosity I wanted to see if a Sony drone had the top comment bashing something about the 360. (And I was correct) I don't blindly devote my opinions to single company and disrespect it's competition. Because without competitors Sony wouldn't be where they're at today. I'm not asking for you to like the 360/One, (Even I don't) I'm just saying have some respect for them. You see kid, the difference between me and you is that I'm a Sony FAN. Not a fanboy. I don't constantly suck their wang without questioning anything they do like most of you kids on this site.

Donnieboi1965d ago

Xbox one will also use aaa batteries for controller too lol.

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Hicken1965d ago

Looks more like a brass than gold. Prefer the gold DS3 I got over the weekend.

UNGR1965d ago

Pretty sure these were up in retail when the StarWars 360 was available, that's not exactly a "new" controller skin.

No_Limit1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Confirmed! A HD remake of the Legend of Zelda will be ported to the X360! Steve Ballmer wasted little time since taking over as boss of Xbox, a mere 5 hours ago, and bought Nintendo. EA, Activision, and Rockstar games are currently on Code Red alert. All hail Darth Ballmer.

M-M1965d ago

I think you're in the wrong article.

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