GamesAsylum: Spartacus Legends - Review

Hot on the heels of Doritos Crash Course 2 comes Spartacus Legends, another free-to-play XBLA title. GamesAsylum takes a look to see if there's a reason why it's a freebie.

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RetroGam3r1962d ago

I cant even get the game to connect to servers on the PS3 version.

GoryVideoGames1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Is it gory enough to make this list?

MikeyDucati11962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

So it's GOW with Spartacus

NonShinyGoose1962d ago

Where did you get that idea from? It's a one-on-one fighting game, like Soul Calibur or Mortal Kombat.

MikeyDucati11962d ago

Uhhhh let's see how I got to that point, brainchild. Maybe it's setting; in the time of Greeks and Romans. Maybe it's the arena. Maybe it's the violence and gore. Maybe it's the gladiator theme and armor. So...yea...

JustCalledToSay1962d ago

Mikey, he's not suggesting it isn't like Spartacus (the name is a giveaway). He's saying it's not like GOW (with or without Spartacus), which it isn't. Sorry, but your sarcasm and calling people 'brainchild' privileges are revoked until you can grasp basic arguments and tell the differences between first person shooters and one-on-one fighting games.

JustCalledToSay1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

It has been brought to my attention that you may have meant God of War rather than Gears of War. Please replace first-person shooter with action adventure in the knowledge that you are still completely wrong. Thanks.

bigmac1962d ago

"Presentation is far from lavish – the commentator rattles off the same ten-or-so sentences during every battle"
I don't remember any commentary when I was playing?

NonShinyGoose1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Its not exactly the clearest - "Defeated but his heart still beats!" and such.