X-play: Viking: Battle for Asgard Review

X-play reviews Viking: Battle for Asgard.

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TheExecutive3644d ago

someone should inform x-play that it is out on the ps3 too... i mean sheesh they even used some footage from the ps3 version.

sonarus3644d ago

was just going to say the same thing. I mean looks like the ps3 is becoming an after thought in reviewers minds as well. LOL what a way to show bias.

Asurastrike3644d ago

lol they gave Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII a 2 and they give this game a 4? They have lost all credibility with me.

Grim Visage3643d ago

agreed, they can kiss my @$$. i hate their show, knew they were going to bs me on the crisis core review. they should make toilet paper products so when i take a $hit, i can wipe my @$$ using adam's and morgan's face!!!!!

pwnmaster30003644d ago

x in x-play means xbot, i mean foreal look at that they are trying to make the 360 line up big by making multi games "EXCLUSIVE". they do know is coming for ps3 to right. so my conclusion here is either there dumb or xbot

Asurastrike3644d ago

lol I just realized. They said it was coming to Xbox, and they have PS3 footage sprinkled throughout.

zakupilot2563644d ago

WTF? Didnt metion ps3and gave it a higher score then Crisis core? RIGHT THEN!!!!!!!! X-Play is no longer ( as if it ever was ) a vaild game review source. I love viking but its like a 3/5 while Crisis Core should have gotten the 4/5.

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The story is too old to be commented.