Thunderbolt: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Review

Thunderbolt writes: "Final Fantasy VII. The RPG that took the gaming world by storm. And in recent times, the most milked role-playing saga ever. The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII has been mildly amusing, to put it nicely: Advent Children was an eye-popping, brainless fight-a-thon; Dirge of Cerberus was a similarly mindless, albeit somewhat entertaining blast-a-thon; and Before Crisis will forever remain a mystery to non-Japanese folk (which is a good thing). Despite the grandeur of what is arguably one of the finest RPGs in existence, Final Fantasy VII has only inspired mediocrity.

Until now . . .

Enter Crisis Core: the direct prequel to Final Fantasy VII and an action-RPG more than worthy of its mountainous heritage."

-Engrossing battle system
-Plenty of bite-sized missions - perfect for the morning commute
-Amazing real-time graphics and even more incredible FMV sequences
-Well-told narrative fills us in on the events preceding Final Fantasy VII

-A bit on the short side
-The main mode is too easy; hard mode, too hard...
-Requires knowledge of Final Fantasy VII to fully enjoy

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