96 Games Announced for Wii U So Far This Year

Tynan Muddle at writes: "Nintendo will see almost 100 new titles release on Wii U over the next twelve months following a huge showcase at E3 2013 last month.

The games range from big, blockbuster AAA titles like Watch_Dogs to smaller indie games still in development with the assistant of Kickstarter such as A Hat in Time.

The majority of the Wii U games will be available in 2013 with many of them seeing an eShop release, meaning users can purchase them online and download them to their console."

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jcnba281992d ago

But...but..but I thought the Wii U had no games?

Utalkin2me1992d ago

Well, having games and having quality titles games is 2 different things. But it is a start to the right path.

Zichu1992d ago

Was about to mention that lol.

insomnium21992d ago

Yeah so in essance it indeed doesn't have games. We all know it means good games but it seems to be fun ignoring all these and taking things literally just for the sake of "proving" a point. Just like arguing with a kid.

Utalkin2me1992d ago

My reply was not to the article. But to jcnba28. I was not trying to offend anyone. He made his comment and so i replied. Sorry if you took it the wrong way.

jcnba281992d ago

I don't see your point, Nintendo has plenty of quality games coming Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Mario 3d Land, Donkey Kong, Sonic Lost World plus a bunch of third party games.

Sincere01211992d ago

lol at dumbest comment ever made. nintendo are the only company that provides quality games that other consoles can't compete with.

Utalkin2me1992d ago


So why is the WiiU not selling well? I would have already picked up a WiiU if they had some solid titles. And it's funny you say that i have not touched my Wii since Mario Galaxy 2.

Out of all the consoles i have owned over the years, the Wii was the console that i have bought the least amount of games for, total of 11. Everyone has their opinion of what great games, majority rules in this case sorry.

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Neonridr1992d ago

out of 100 games, you have to figure that there are going to be some good ones out of the bunch. The positive about this is that of the 100, maybe only a couple would fall under the "shovelware" category. Obviously the bulk of these titles would be eShop games, but there are so many great indie eShop games that I welcome them by the handful.

MWong1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Nice line-up for the Wii-U. However, this is the first site I heard that announced COD:Ghost was in development for the Wii-U. That should be interesting.

swerve1211992d ago

It'll pick up for Nintendo I just think there off to a very slow start. They thought they where gonna get alot of 3rd party support until there big guns launched.