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12 weapons we want back in Call of Duty: Ghosts

GearNuke: "The release of Call of Duty: Ghosts is almost among us with the game hitting stores for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PS4 and Xbox One this November. And as you may already know with a new Call of Duty game we get a combination of new guns and some old guns from previous titles. Below are the 12 guns we want back in Call of Duty: Ghosts that have made an appearance in the series in the past." (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

I-Hate-usernames  +   761d ago
Just stop milking it and i will be happy.
GameCents  +   761d ago
You really don't have to buy it. What's it to you?
Honestly, I don't get people that complain about games they don't intend on buying.

I myself am a BF kinda guy but I do not see the appeal in trolling CoD fans. It's childish and unwarranted.
I-Hate-usernames  +   761d ago
But it's unfair to give their fans the same game with no major changes. I mean they need to take their time to make major changes in the game. not milking it.
GameCents  +   761d ago
Then their fans can stop buying it if they too feel it's unfair.
Clearly, they don't. Don't make it your problem.
cell989  +   760d ago
youre a COD fan, I can see it through your fake post, if you were a "BF fan" you would know how ridiculous COD is and youd be pissed off when you saw COD fans claiming its the best FPS ever, you are not a Battlefield guy
GameCents  +   760d ago
So because I want to take the level-headed approach here I am therefore a CoD fan?
You sure you don't wanna re-think your logic?

Do I really have to show you my gamertag and battlelog profile?
notice how BFBC2 is my most played game at 186 days and CoD is at 11 days. Mind you only 30 minutes of that was actual online play, the rest was local multiplayer and campaign while also logged in on Xlive.

BFBC2 on the other hand, I'm a level 50 and about to break into the top 10 000 on X360
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warewolfSS  +   761d ago
Do you know that call of duty was the playstation 3's highest selling game?
I-Hate-usernames  +   760d ago
So what? i talked about they need to take their time making it. what's your point in that comment?
Insomnia_84  +   761d ago
We just want something better not just the same thing over and over again and then I will consider getting it for the PS4. Right now my pre-orders are KZSF and BF4.
6DEAD6END6  +   761d ago
Just give me the ACR at a lower level, they keep it up there like around level 40 or higher. I just want to unlock it ASAP.
aviator189  +   761d ago
My favorites have always been the intervention and the ump- silenced. Love those two.
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cell989  +   760d ago
I bet you do, since thanks to COD's "advance" game engine you can actually snipe with both of those guns
dazzrazz  +   761d ago
What difference does it make ? No matter what gun you get in this game they have zero recoil and shoot in a straight line lol
cell989  +   760d ago
lol the truth
KarrBOMB  +   761d ago
I'd like to see a more well rounded M4A1 and the M16 as always. The burst fire M15 is one of my favorite guns in any shooter.
Blastoise  +   761d ago
MP5. Gotta have the MP5.
PhoenixRising37  +   761d ago
i don't want any guns to return, i want new ones. i'm sick of seeing the MP5, M4, and SAW variants. if CoD is planning on surviving the next couple of years they better start innovating.
warewolfSS  +   761d ago
My friend they aren't going anywhere. If you want to show them your mad about the franchise, get you and your buddies together and don't buy it.
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creatchee  +   761d ago
The G3 from COD4 was sick. I miss the hell out of that gun.
H4zZz4  +   760d ago
I loved the Ak-74u from black ops.
Master-H  +   760d ago
cool list, but it GOTS to have the cod4 MP5 god dammit ! i dont want that small s**t the mpk5 , they can keep that.
CaptainPunch  +   760d ago
Bring back the TAR-21, Intervention, UMP45, M40A3, MP5 & AK-47 from CoD4 and I'll be happy.
cell989  +   760d ago
how about 12 innovations Call Of duty Ghost needs to compete against Battlefield 4? Guns? the guns in COD are generic, they all feel the same, they all sound the same and they all shoot the same, you can even snipe with an SMG lol, bullets dont even know what gravity is....
Retaliation  +   760d ago
I don't see P90 listed in there.. Doesn't anyone miss the P90? ):
ClosedUnknownz  +   759d ago
I do. lol but I perfer the G36c.
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