Gran Turismo 6 Demo Available Today, GT Academy 2013 Begins

Download the free GT6 demo and you could become Nissan’s next professional racing driver.

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wishingW3L1964d ago

I was looking for it but I can't still see it on the NA store.

Omegabalmung1964d ago

Probably have to wait till the store updates.

xPhearR3dx1964d ago

You got a good 12+ hours to go if you're checking the NA store. Not sure when EU updates but if you're that eager to play, make an EU account and check it early morning our time.

mrmarx1964d ago


GameCents1964d ago

Forza Highest Rated Racing Game Franchise of the Generation Motorsport. It's a long name but they've earned it.
Heck even if GT6 gets only perfect 10's, the series' average for this gen won't touch Forza Motorsport's.

DoesUs1964d ago

So it would be then down to "generational averages"? Good god man, how old are you? Why don'y we take it further and average it out over all games in the series?

piroh1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

every console has it´s standards

Mass Effect 2 for X360 - 96%. when they released improved version for PS3 it scored 94% meta. why? PS3 has higher stadards due to more raw power. if Super Mario Galaxy goes to PS3 it´d be criticized just for the SD resolution, nowhere near GOTY awards like original. same goes to Forza.
plus, Gran Turismo unlike Forza has plenty of exclusive competition

showtimefolks1964d ago

don't need a demo its a day one for sure 100% and when it gets re-released on ps4 in mid 2014 its a re buy again

fsfsxii1964d ago

Man, GT5 is still taking alot of my time now. Wonder what will GT6 do for me, especially since its coming out when school starts.

Maddens Raiders1964d ago

I know exactly what you mean. One does not merely "play" GT. You live it.

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