Kinect 2 Full Video Walkthrough: The Xbox Sees You Like Never Before

"Calling this feature set impressive is an undersell. It's breakthrough technology on many levels, with applications far beyond watching content or playing games. It's the future, and we all get to see it today."

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Godmars2901990d ago

All I'm thinking of is with the first Kinect, they couldn't show enough games and gameplay with the system years before they actually released it to the public. That dodgeball title. Yet with Kinect 2.0, I've yet to see any game footage.

There may indeed be some, but I've yet to see it.

Why has it become so hard to show it working now when thy had no problems showing it when it really didn't work?

GameCents1990d ago

Not sure PS fans know what they want.
Pre E3: lulz xbox show is gonna be just tv and lame Kinect. Good luck with not playing any games on Kinectbox.
Post E3: Ha! Kinect haz no gaemz! Why?

On a serious note though, did you stop to consider the differences between Kinect and K2 release conditions?
Kinect came in years into the 360 life cycle and they had to sell it to us at every opportunity. K2 on the other hand comes with every new Xbox sold.
Now that they don't have to sell us on K2, they can control their game reveals for events, much like the other Xbox One games at E3.
How many PS4 move games have we seen? And that thing comes separately.

mewhy321990d ago

Oh it sees you like never before alright. It's always on and watching, listening, even when you don't want it too. I will not have a spy camera in my house watching my kids, my wife, or me. Nor will I have a spy mic listening to everything that I say and do. No thanks Micro$oft. This shows the "Big Brother" syndrome that Micro$oft has developed. Well I don't need a big brother.

HammadTheBeast1990d ago

Unlike the Move, MS is completely basing its console off of this "feature" whether you want it or not. Therefore, it has to prove its worth the $100 extra. So far it hasn't.

Godmars2901990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Crimson Dragon: an XBLA title which made solely to promote and sell Kinect 1.0. Was announced early in the "system's" history only to be delayed again and again as other games meant to prove the Kintect's full market value, Steel Battalion, Sonic Free Riders, Star Wars Kinect, Milo, either don't work well, or were only highly promoted and empty concepts. Many years later with Kinect 2.0, Crimson Dragon is no longer a showcase title for motion control, but instead uses a physical controller. As does another once Kinect-centric title; Ryse.

In fact at this point, every game on the XB1 is a Kinect game, uses Kinect, but only its voice command features.

I repeat: every game on the XB1 could and can be considered to be a Kinect game because of the voice command feature. This doesn't prove that Kinect actually works as a motion controller, just that its there.

And again my opening point - not that it matters - when Kinect 1.0 was first being shown off it had games to be shown off with. Now its years later, developers have had experience with the older version, there are tons of videos on Youtube of PC modders utilizing it in games like Minecraft and elder Scrolls, and yet with Kinect 2.0 all that's ever seen of its motion control features is a debug mode. The voice command gets used with everything, but the visual motion control aspect is only that debug mode.

LoydX-mas1990d ago


Trying reading and less guessing.

pedrof931990d ago

Sony knows that casual gamers ad hardcore gamers only play Kinect/Move games casually.

Truth is, that not a single move game was announced(well I think). And no one complained.

Are you sure you want Natal...errr I mean Kinect ?
Or you just want it because you don't have decent arguments to defend your microsoft faithfulness ?

JokesOnYou1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

You can turn the camera off, its in standby mode and only turns after hearing the words "xbox on". It also has various secure settings that you control. Your fears are the same as the ones we heard prior to the original kinects turned out to be a bunch of wild unfounded scenario's then same as all these "spy theories" now.

@Hammadthebeast I say its worth every penny given all the UI functionality, and options for games it allows. Also everyone whos had the privilege of seeing demos have praised the tech.

@Godsmar, the original kinect did do some nice things that were subtle features in a few core game but past failures of the old Kinect does not mean they should give up and scrap kinect....NO what you do is build off of what worked and learn from what didn't to expand its usefulness, if your attitude was that of most creators/devs/tech companies we wouldnt have many of the great gadgets we use everyday.

Godmars2901990d ago

My point is that where Kv1 had plenty of live and proof of concept presentations, Kv2 has gotten less.

It strikes me as strong contradiction to be saying something has been improved, and give less example of improvement than the version before it.

nukeitall1989d ago


"It strikes me as strong contradiction to be saying something has been improved, and give less example of improvement than the version before it."

Has it struck you, that you and your ilk is the very reason MS don't showcase it anymore. You probably don't even know why, but you willify MS at every opportunity even when something is positive.

Because of this, they have bended to your will and no longer shows it to you. Doesn't mean, they don't make games, or are interested.

MS willj just be more careful about what and when they show it, to prevent all the haters from saying "I don't want Kinect".

On a side note, there are plenty of tech demos shown how capable Kinect One is, but one really has to open their eyes and mind to view it.

Otherwise it is just like showing a hot naked women to a gay person!

Godmars2901989d ago

"On a side note, there are plenty of tech demos shown how capable Kinect One is, but one really has to open their eyes and mind to view it."

Again and once more: not talking about Kinect 1.0 but 2.0. If they've learned and built from one version to the next they should only be proud to show off all that it can do. Not just focus on the few aspect that they managed to get working but could have been done cheaper.

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No_Limit1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

"The Xbox Sees You Like Never Before"

With headlines like this, here comes the 100s of The NSA spying allegations on N4G! Popcorn ready, in 3, 2, 1....

Edit, too late, ^^^^ beats me to the punch. LOL

WeAreLegion1990d ago

The NSA doesn't need Kinect to spy on us. They have several other ways to do it.

Septic1990d ago

Precisely this!

Your front facing camera on your phone, your laptop, your digital footprint, cctv, medical records...

cheetorb1990d ago

You'll make a good sheep for Big Brother

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