PS4 Release Date Could be as Early as October

Looking at revised pre-order data from Amazon, Sony’s next console may ship well earlier than anyone expected. Over the weekend, the date for several games moved up -- to Nov. 5 in one case, and Oct. 29 in another.

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KingKelloggTheWH1969d ago

An October release would be interesting.

JoGam1969d ago

I hope October 1st. The sooner the better.

shivvy241969d ago

if its October 24 then its gonna be the best Birthday ever ( its on a thursday ) OMG chances have improved !

Retroman1969d ago

oct. 29th might be a ploy to see if MS take the bait and release ps4 a week earlier in the month.

MajorLazer1969d ago

Agreed. If the release date is Oct 13th, that would result in the best ever birthday gift courtesy of myself to me ;)

MajorLazer1969d ago


Let the guy express his hope and excitement -_-

Baba19061969d ago

his birthday is really relevant, he wouldnt be a game supporter without it. dont be a joy killer hound!

Denethor_II1969d ago

@shivvy24 happy birthday for Oct 24 lol

s8anicslayer1968d ago

I hope so, my Ps4 is paid for as well as KZSF,BF4,COD Ghosts. I can't wait!

Insomnia_841968d ago

The day Battlefield 4 releases would be a smart move and seeing how they just put BF3 in the instant game collection for PS+.......hmm interesting! !

fr0sty1968d ago

Sounds like they've gone into production, and went to their manufacturing plant with a blank check that read "MORE!!!! NOW!!!!".

Sony knows this thing is going to sell out. I think the earlier they can get it out, the better. Let that launch rush hit hard and keep it going straight through the holidays. Their assembly lines will be running on overdrive.

mrmarx1968d ago

it probabl is true..because battlefield 4 usually comes out around that time. and so does nba2k nhl and fifa

The_Con-Sept1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

I think this is another sand trap for Microsoft to fall into. The release date for the PS4 is going to be 1 of 4 dates. Nov 12th, 2013. 11th of Dec, 2013. Oct 11 2013. And finally Sept 11th 2013.

Each of these dates have 4 1's in them. There are only so many combinations of dates that have this many 1's in them.

I think Sony may release in November if Microsoft releases in October or earlier. If they choose November and beyond then SCEA will choose October.

Four translates to something similar to death in Japanese. But if you can escape death it still lingers around until it takes someone out. So far it has already struck Microsoft once. Now for the killing blow.

CES 2013.

AngryTypingGuy1968d ago

I vote for a July 4th release, but that's just me.

Andreas-Sword1968d ago

I hope also on October 1st, or October 7th.
I pre-ordered for the PS4:
Battlefield 4
Killzone: Shadow Fall
inFamous: Second Son
Watch Dogs

Anarki1968d ago

I do hope they do a global release and not a stupid region specific release. HATE HATE HATE how Europe are the last to get anything...

THamm1968d ago

Yes remember MS was waaaay behind and this could prove true

alien6261968d ago

just wait for knack n killzone release day and you will get a release date

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showtimefolks1969d ago

the sooner the better

watch dogs
drive club

all 3 day one and maybe knack too

knack(this i may get early 2014 alog with infamous 2nd son)

dasbeer881969d ago

I hope FFXV comes out within this year too. If not, then perhaps an early 2014 release date will be perfect.

bjmartynhak1969d ago

I'm guessing that Knack will have a price cut in a short time. Maybe even free on PS+

I'll wait to see if the gameplay is not too repetitive.

teedogg801968d ago

Great choices. I also have the same games preordered.

Monkeysmarts1968d ago

Why in the world would FF XV come out before Lightning Returns? Sorry to burst your bubble mate but FF XV may not even be a 2014 release. Q4 2014 at the earliest, if you ask me.

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SpitFireAce851969d ago

Is that because you saw the date in the
Last of Us...Because Iam thinking the same

friedricr1969d ago

where did you see that date in The Last Of Us? thats really interesting .. like how TLOU was mentioned in Uncharted3 ..

wastedcells1968d ago

Never knew about this date in the last of us? Hmmmmm.

famoussasjohn1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

For those that are asking

Sent PM to friedricr and wastedcells.

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KwietStorm1969d ago

I would go with sublime over interesting.

RedHawkX1968d ago

yep im betting on october or september. so that even the hardest of the hardcore xbot fanboys cant resist. they can buy a console now in october for 400 and its the strongest console. or they can be bias and wait for a weaker console that cost 500 dollars in novemeber.

the fact of the matter is everyone is gonna be on the ps4. its gonna be the ps2 all over again but better. so those who think they will be able to not get a ps4 and have a fun time gaming are kidding themselves greatly. plastation network is the new king of social gaming come ps4 time. join us or perish

warewolfSS1968d ago

Dude ill have a ps4 day 1. But don't you think your being a little.... Insane .

No one is going to perish, at all.

Maybe you might because your going to give yourself a heart attack from stress over a toy

RedHawkX1968d ago

here are the only options ps4, wii u, pc. anything else is retarded at this point. anyone with an xbox one is gonna get ripped to hell on internet and real life and they will perish from stresss and heartache. im trying to help them now. dont get the xbox one its that freaking simple.

wastedcells1968d ago

come on late October Release!!! Would be such a nice surprise for gamers.

1Victor1968d ago

I pray to god it doesn't come out on my birthday January 16

lilbrat231968d ago

If you go to Amazon you also see that some of the xbox one games say October 29th, Hmmm

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Relientk771969d ago

If PS4 came out in October, that would be amazing

vlonjati77vlonjati1969d ago

Any month PS4 comes out it would be amazing anyway :p

doi1968d ago

let it be on September! More specifically on my birthday 09/11, so people will be happy on that day rather think about the other horrific event.

aaron58291969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

thats too late... i want one now !!

when i say i want one.. its the ps4. not want One.

T21968d ago

I think I see what MS did there too.... I want ONE!! ... but yeah, no thanks not until 299 no kinect version.

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wishingW3L1969d ago

the earlier the better. I'm not getting any younger!