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Submitted by Nitrowolf2 957d ago | opinion piece

Randy Pitchford Defends Aliens: CM, Claims It Was “Intent To Entertain” And Not Exploitation

TPG - There’s no denying that Aliens: Colonial Marines was a hot mess of a flop. From setting high expectations with an E3 demo showing, to literally scrapping everything about that demo and replacing it with a substandard product, it truly was a big let down for a title that claimed it would improve the overall Aliens canon. Now we thought that eventually we would hear what really happened, but of course no apology or explanation was forthcoming from either SEGA or Gearbox. (Aliens: Colonial Marines, PC, PS3, Randy Pitchford, Xbox 360)

Saints94  +   957d ago
That is the best pic for this thread.
xyxzor  +   957d ago
Nitrowolf2  +   957d ago
Underneath all the lies and make-up, this is the true face of Pitchford
MEsoJD  +   957d ago
Sorry to be vulgur, but fuck Randy Pitchford. Until Gearbox issues an official appology about the game, I will never give them another dime.
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YoungKingDoran  +   957d ago
Goes well with the Evil Ballmer picture currently on the front page.
GROTSTOMPA  +   957d ago
Well this confirms it. Time for everyone to remove them from the gaming industry. Can't apologize, can't admit to being wrong, lied to the people numerous times blatantly in their face, and recently getting caught money laundering as well within their company. I'm personally fed up, I was done after the Aliens scandal.
Dear Randy Pitchford, please sell the rights to Homeworlds my favorite Space RTS of all time, before you create a fake gameplay demo and resell us the same game, or even worse just simply destroy it. Like some of the best franchises already; Duke Nukem, & Aliens CM. Please remove yourself from the gaming industry we have lost interests. Thanks
They've made incredible games way back in the day like Counter Strike for example, but you cannot confuse them with what they have become now. Industries change and sometimes unfortunately the people within the industry. Sometimes they just need a reality check, and in this case just vote with your wallet and say No to their brand.
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PopRocks359  +   957d ago

Randy, I like you, but... no.
Sidology  +   957d ago
Well, he failed on both counts.
Gamesgbkiller  +   957d ago
He defends Duke Nukem too.
Nitrowolf2  +   957d ago
I gave them a pass on Duke Nukem the first time around, because that game has been passed down so many times to other devs I just said "Well they probably just decided to release it because it was a mess anyway and probably couldn't be fixed given the amount of time it's been developed"

and then Aliens came out, and now I just think they make bad games in general outside of the Borderlands series.
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Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   957d ago
I love Borderlands, but damn man. They gotta code their games much better. How is it that over time from a solid 60fps in borderlands 2 it started to fluctuate from 60fps to 5fps(Yes FIVE). After one patch? Clearly they screwed over a crapload of Nividia graphics card owners.
ninjahunter  +   957d ago
I can understand the whole duke nukem thing, Game development isnt an exact science, you cant just throw things at a game till its good, so its expected that every now and then there will be something that falls off the rail.

Buuuuut Alien colonial marines was.... An alpha...
jmc8888  +   957d ago
I think they got lucky with Borderlands.

Remember it had a massive delay. They decided to rework the graphics and that's when they also implemented the cell shading.

No doubt they were able to add in more quests and fix some of the bugs.

If not for the massive delay and rework would we even be talking about that franchise? Would it have ever gotten a sequel?

They had an idea, and eventually got it to work, but only because it was something they worked on and they gave the time to actually finish.

A:CM and DNF were franchises that changed hands multiple times. Gearbox got them out, but they didn't create the ideas, in some cases they outsourced it instead of doing it themselves, and didn't allow for the time to properly complete them.
Commodore_  +   957d ago
What a bust lol
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Sidology  +   957d ago
Uh, because it's bad?
Nitrowolf2  +   957d ago
Ugh, those tweets really did kind of ticked me off. I felt like he's completely closed minded, and ignores everyone who doesn't like him
jmc8888  +   957d ago
Well I think what we saw was Pitchford talking through a law filter.

He's talking about intent because he doesn't want his butt sued. They took a lot of money, basically misrepresented how it would be made, and allegedly used some of that money to finish Borderlands 2.

The CGI demo is something they can also be sued for when compared with the final product. Especially when you notice they continued telling that lie basically up until launch with their special clips. With printed words such as 'actual gameplay footage'.

Randy is lucky he isn't broke and in jail. He is still on the hook. For anyone to think he would say otherwise is foolish.

It should tick you off, but try not to read too much into it. He's fighting for his money, his freedom, and his companies reputation.

But we still know all of those things belong in the gutter.
CrossingEden  +   957d ago
i'll let angryjoe handle this one
ChozenWoan  +   957d ago
his first words say it all.
MikeyDucati1  +   957d ago
What's the use of talking when no one views opinions objectively?
GamingAngelGabriel  +   957d ago
Oh good lord that picture is terrifying.
Williamson  +   957d ago
This guy is a monster! What they did with Aliens CM was just disgusting.
sashimi  +   957d ago
SEGA should really sue to teach em a lesson -_-
wtopez  +   957d ago
Well no... that is not true at all, Randy. We KNOW how A:CM looks and plays like. It is REALITY vs your attempt at a peaceful mind through feigned ignorance. You showed a completely different product for many, many months, then dropped this boiling bag of beer-shits on us. You can spin things as much as you want, but the truth is what you pulled is a ratty, scummy move. As horrible as anonymous comment threads and the twitterverse can be, you kinda deserve to sleep in the bed you made.
xyxzor  +   957d ago
This game is up there with Mindjack for worst game of the generation.
CrossingEden  +   957d ago
duke nukem forever
the saboteur
Aliens CM any other games that were really THAT bad
mydyingparadiselost  +   957d ago
I'm sorry Randy, I didn't realize you thought you were shitting gold on my face, I guess that makes it ok...
Not buying anymore Gearbox games.
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Dasteru  +   957d ago
I tried getting my cat to play Aliens CM and it pulled a spock, cocked its eyebrow and walked away. My cat is very easily ammused, so the fact that even it walked away from this game has to tell you something.

The dog liked it, but then again my dog is a dumbass, is stone blind in one eye and smokes like a pound of weed every day.
hazelamy  +   957d ago
not exploitation?

the reports you stole money from the ACM project to fund your other games would seem to indicate otherwise, and now 3D Realms suing you for unpaid royalties for DNF.

during the deceitful ACM demo you said you'd been stealing from Aliens your whole career.
turns out you were being literal in that case.
the only truthful thing you said in that video.

you don't even know what the word means if you think you could turn a game based on the Alien franchise into a fucking sausagefest.

i think the moral of the story is, don't get gearbox to make a game they don't own the ip for, because they won't care about it, just the money they'll be getting for making it.
they'll probably funnel money from that project to their own titles.
Dfooster  +   957d ago
Mmm I think using HL2 to justify your case isn't the brightest thing to do. That game was a masterpiece of video game design, artistry and coding.

Aliens CM on the other hand was......n't
MrUndrhill  +   957d ago
My god, Pitchford really has some stones on him. If he is so ok with this product, why have they never advertised the dlc, or even pretended to support it on consoles? Unreal. Just apologize.
jdaboss  +   957d ago
This dude is a pure asshat..
MikeyDucati1  +   957d ago
So can anybody, that commented negatively, name a better Aliens game??

Can anybody name an Aliens game that looked graphically better than Aliens: CM??

Can anybody explain why people took a demo as what the game should be when it's released??

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mydyingparadiselost  +   957d ago
Aliens vs Predator on the Jaguar played better and looks about the same... :] okay maybe not the same but the Aliens vs Predator game from 3 years ago wasn't anywhere near as bad as CM. The Aliens arcade game was a beast for its day, completely sucks it never made it to consoles. Even Alien 3 on the SNES looked good for its time and had some decent gameplay.
The demo, like any demo, should at least be representative of the final product which it failed to do on MANY levels. It's also not like the game was years away, the game released in its entirety not even a year (8 months later I believe) after that demo was shown so there should have been more than enough 'actual' game to show off without having to create a representative demo of what the team was aspiring for, and even if that's what happened it must have been known by then that the quality of the demo couldn't be matched by the retail release.
MikeyDucati1  +   957d ago
You are lying merely for the sake of argument. AVP didn't play better. In fact, it was worse. It's even a classic now because of simply how terrible it is for one. Also the campaign was so short, you could beat it in one sitting And Aliens 3, while it did look good, the gameplay was absolutely terrible. Aliens on SNES was just terrible. I even remember the game over screen showing a face hugger attacking you. That's even if you died by other causes.

And what is this absurdity that you speak of concerning demos? Demos don't represent the finished product. Never did. Just to think, if every game stayed at demo presentations, you would have something else to fuss about.

I've played Aliens: CM and several other Aliens game before it. No, ACM is not the greatest but it damn sure isn't the worst Aliens game that has came to consoles. In fact, it can be argued it's one of the best Aliens game that has come to consoles.

I view this whole thing objectively. When someone says to me that the demo SHOULD be the final, definitive product, then I know that person is not judging the situation objectively. You are merely saying what countless drones has said. And the drones are just basing their opinion on that of others without assessing the situation objectively. Aliens: CM isn't as bad as everyone says it is.
mydyingparadiselost  +   957d ago
First, I'm glad you enjoyed Colonial Marines. If you bought it, played it and felt you got your moneys worth then that is ultimately what matter and I'm happy you got what you wanted.
Secondly, you can speed run the Jaguar/PC AVP but they have multiple characters to play as ( Alien, Predator, Marine) and combined regular playthrough time is about 15- 20 hours, and for its time was a great looking game with good controls. AVP for 360 and PS3 is about the same, about 4 or 5 hours for each character campaign plus the multiplayer with so-so graphics with a mixture of decent controls for the Predator and Marine with the Alien being the worst because of the whole climbing on the walls fiasco that no game can seem to make feel right. CM has the multiplayer and about an 8 hour campaign so it's not pushing more game time than any of the other games,
Also, the game over screen on Alien 3 shows an Alien and has the voice of one of the movie characters saying 'game over, man'. Not sure where your getting the face hugger from but it's not that game, you can look it up if you don't believe me.
As for demos not being representative of the final product that is a fairly recent thing, it has only been about the last 10 years or so that SOME of the demos shown at trade shows aren't of the actual game running on hardware but computer run interpretations of what devs want to do and most of theese games turn out at least looking comparable to those demos. Watch the CM side by side of the Demo and that same spot in the retail version and the difference is dramatic to say the least. And did I mention that this game wasn't even a year from release when this demo came out? Definately close enough to release to show real gameplay footage instead of doctored images.
Anyway, you can have your opinion, if you think CM was awesome or at least ok more power to you but facts are facts, and the facts are all those other Alien games got better reviews, didn't have demos that left the majority of the gaming community feeling like they had been lied to, and offered just as much if not more gametime than CM did.
MikeyDucati1  +   957d ago
Ok, let me educate you. A FPS game was made when I was young on SNES called Aliens. The "S" signifies the sequel to the first Alien movie. Aliens 3 is the third installement. You can tell the difference of installement by the letters and alpha numeric. Alien (the first one), Aliens (the sequel) and Aliens 3 (3rd installement). So yes, the game I mentioned, Aliens, featured a cutscene of a face hugger attacking you for a game over screen. It was an FPS. Aliens 3 was a side scrolling game.

As long as I've been gaming (since the Atari days), demos has never been considered as the final product. Demos can be considered concept art in motion. I don't know many games, and neither you for that matter, that maintained the same mechanics and story as the demo. Things change from demo to store shelf as devs adjust it , for better or worse.

The fact is, you don't know what you're talking about. No other Aliens franchise game has EVER got rave reviews. AVP was practically pooped on. The latest AVP was, at the very least, given some sort of reprieve but it wasn't exempt from bad reviews either. The only Alien game that got some considerable reviews was Aliens 3 in Electronic Gaming Monthly. Lol, you weren't even born then. Back then gamers had even less information to judge if a game was worth a purchase or not.

The gaming community wasn't lied to. Even with that thought process, we are consumers to a video game industry. It is on us to do proper research before we decide to invest our dollars into a game.
Godlovesgamers  +   954d ago
Honesty is the best policy, Randy.

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