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Submitted by GoldenElf 952d ago | opinion piece

Third Party Games are Better on Nintendo Wii U

Jayden Williams at writes: "One of the most prevailing criticisms of Nintendo’s Wii U is that the console lacks decent third party support.

Though what these same critics are quick to forget is Wii U’s existing third party, multiplatform, games are better than their Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 counterparts.

Assuming you’ve read past these first paragraphs, I’ll underline here that I’m not implying Wii U has the best third party support, only its third party offers are better." (Wii U)

PopRocks359  +   952d ago
I assume this is in regards to current generation third party games? Because obviously the Wii U is not going to graphically match PS4 and Xbox One.

If a publisher/dev makes a claim like that, they need to prove it. The Wii U is a more capable console, so they should take advantage of its hardware. Render games in higher resolutions, or do what Need for Speed did and just make the game look significantly better with higher resolution textures and more detailed effects, things of that nature.

You can't just stick that into a headline without expecting some sort of backlash.
abzdine  +   952d ago
"Third Party Games are Better on Nintendo Wii U"

the question is: at what price??
Muffins1223  +   950d ago
Saying 3rd party games on wiiu are better is like saying Paula Deen is not a racist
guitarded77  +   952d ago
My issue with 3rd party multiplats on Wii U is the lack of a trophy/achievement system. I like having the bonus objectives and replay value they add, so 3rd party multiplats are played on PS3, 360 or PC (Steam), where trophies/achievements are supported. I don't care about the gamepad features. Wii U is just for exclusive experiences for me.
Concertoine  +   951d ago
never did understand this. its not like the removal of achievements takes out any actual content. the collectibles and extra difficulties are all still there, i don't really care if they're not paraded around with a 100g achievement.
levian  +   952d ago
They *have* to mean compared to current gen. If they don't, then that statement is just 100% false.

Even on current gen though, that's a pretty tough sell. Yes, it's more powerful. However, the one third party game I've tried for PS4 and WiiU - Assassin's Creed 3 - played much better on PS4.

On the WiiU gamepad it felt like the analog sticks had a massive dead zone that made it difficult to accurately control anything. I haven't tried any other third party games, but the best way to try it would be with a shooter.

Another thing - unless you're using the new Pro controller, the old Classic Pro doesn't have clickable analog sticks, meaning you lose out on two buttons. Really noticeable in FPS games.


In addition, their multiplayer side of games is a bit worse as well. There aren't as many people playing the WiiU versions and you can really tell with matchmaking.

Not to say bad things about this system - I actually own one, and I'm waiting for some first party games.
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Dr Pepper  +   952d ago
The problem I have with an argument like this is that Nintendo based their system around tech that never felt like it was missing from my gaming sessions in the first place. Not once while playing a Splinter Cell game did I ever think "I really wish I would have to keep looking away from the screen into my lap". And yet, that is now the lone selling point this article uses for the Wii U versions above the rest.

This argument wont last very long either. The Wii U already doesn't get a fair amount of third party games, and soon enough it wont get those on the X1 and PS4 due to the disparity in hardware (or at least wont get very comparable versions).

In my opinion, Nintendo's selling point remains its first party games, not the controller/hardware.
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PopRocks359  +   952d ago
I can concur with this. The second screen is good for some things, and those features are actually done really well, but they have not been utilized in games very well. You can tell because almost none of Nintendo's games coming out this year will really be using the gamepad a great deal. I think Game & Wario and Pikmin 3 are the only exceptions.

At this point, the Gamepad's best feature is off-TV play. Good feature, not a good selling point.
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Neonridr  +   952d ago
Zombi U and Lego City Undercover are probably the best examples of using the Gamepad properly at this point.

I will agree with you in that the off-screen play is a huge bonus for me, especially with a wife and 1 year old son.
GotHDGame  +   952d ago
Like this article said, games like Blacklist, and Rayman will use the gamepad allot. If you have played the Rayman Download demo for Wii U, you would see that that game was made for use of the gamepad. I simply can not see buying Rayman for my PS3 after playing the Wii U version with the gamepad. There is no way the gameplay would be the same. If you have not played the Rayman demo on Wii U and don't own a Wii U, go to a friends that has one and see for yourself how cool the gameplay is on Wii U, because of the second screen.
MNGamer-N  +   952d ago
I think Rayman uses the gamepad in excellent ways
smashcrashbash  +   952d ago
So you are arguing the point that the Wii has better third parties then the PS3 and Xbox 360? What kind of temporary argument is that? First of all no one is going to buy it again if they already played it on the PS3 and Xbox 360 just to play it again on the Wii U.Second of all the PS4 and Xbox One are right around the corner so no one is looking at how much better the third parties on the Wii U compared to older systems.And finally it is a very cheap way to defend the Wii U by comparing it to older consoles.Why don't you stand up, wait for the new consoles to come out and compare the third parties then instead of cowering behind past consoles to defend a next gen one.
Technical World  +   952d ago
As much as I would love for this to be true it's not exactly the case. Yes games like Need for Speed were better on Wii U. For a fact. I even liked having the second screen map on Assassin's Creed to have a larger view. But then there were sloppy games like Madden that were inferior to other versions. Third parties have the tools to make better games but then again like smashcrashbash said above me when the PS4 and Xbox One come out this fall I don't know how it will compare. I'm waiting to see the differences between the different versions of Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed personally to make my final judgment. I'm not disagreeing with you per s but as a Wii U owner I think it's a premature statement to make as of now.
trickman888  +   952d ago
"Third Party games are better on Wiu U"

Well um gee, of course Wii U games are going to be better than PS3/360 when it comes to multi platform. Way to state the ****ing obvious.
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sly-Famous  +   952d ago
Does it matter when I have access to PS exclusives?
N7Lukas  +   952d ago
PS exclusives are the best quality games around.
310dodo  +   952d ago
The only awesome thing the Wii U has on PS4 and Xone
is the off TV play, and that awesome Tablet controller.

But unfortunately once next gen is in full gear PS4 and Xone will have games with graphics and size that Wii U cannot contend with.
Hicken  +   951d ago
It won't have off TV play, either.

After all, that's exactly what Remote Play is, except you can do it wherever there's internet, instead of just wherever in your house.

It'll still have that over the XBOne, though... probably. Smartglass seems to be more a content manager than alternative gaming option.
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MartinB105  +   952d ago
Wasn't Aussie-Gamer the same site telling us recently that PS4 and X1 sales won't surpass the Wii-U sales? This site clearly has an pro-Nintendo agenda.
Prime_28  +   952d ago
Please just grow up. How many pro-sony articles do we see on this site daily??
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MartinB105  +   951d ago
Grow up? I made an observation based on articles where obvious factors in opposition to the headline viewpoint are conveniently ignored and a lot of very questionable logic is used. Arguing that third-party games are better on the Wii U is debatable at best.

And I know this because I *OWN* a Wii U. It's not in my interest to call out pro-Nintendo articles that are based in reality, but this particular one is far from it.

And do you not expect pro-Sony articles? In case you didn't notice, Sony's doing pretty good lately. The reason Pro-Sony articles exist is because they're just speaking the truth, since that's the state of the industry right now.
Sayai jin  +   952d ago
Counterparts? The author is comparing current gen consoles with the Wii U that is supposed to be next gen. If you want to make that argument then go ahead. Jeesh
thomasmiller  +   952d ago
very true article, I have these games, and my neighbor has a ps3 and 360, and the wii u versions are better.. but, the thousands of trolls from sony and microsoft, will whine GOO GOO GAA GAA,, WWAAAA!!!! LIAR DOES NOT DOES NOT!! NINTENDO INFERIOR! WAAAAHhH!!! YOU KNOW THE TRUE LANGUAGE OF MICROSOFT AND SONY TROLLS!!! they will never admit the truth, just like remember when the majority of people thought the earth was flat?? yyeeaaahhh, just like that, even when columbus proved the earth was round, still alot of people did not believe him.. guess many gamers are happy believing lies, they'll say, "I have all three machines and the wii u versions suck! wahh!!" sure sparky, what ever helps you sleep at night, what ever helps you sleep at night.
DivineAssault  +   952d ago
sure thing.. what little 3rd party games that go on it..
bobacdigital  +   952d ago
No one has made anything for the Wii U yet to really show what it can do.. All it has shown right now is that it is more than capable of running late stage last gen games fairly easily.

We cant properly evaluate the graphical difference until we see a next gen multi platform titles come to the Wii U OR someone make a game from the ground up on the Wii U..

For Nintendo this system is next gen because it is a substantial upgrade over the Wii... And if you think about it .. It took the ps3 and 360 MULTIPLE years to do what they are doing now .. The Wii U is doing all that and more with what is preconceived to be a weaker console..

Pretty impressive in my book.
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