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Submitted by Lavalamp 882d ago | news

Mattrick departure unrelated to Xbox One woes, analysts say

VG247: "'Don’s been an industry pioneer and a key catalyst to Microsoft’s success in video games. He’s leaving behind a well-crafted and very skilled team of executives that are perfectly capable of carrying the torch,' EEDAR’s vice president of Insights wrote in response to our request for comment." (Don Mattrick, Industry, Microsoft, Xbox One)

Abash  +   882d ago
That's very hard to believe given the extreme backlash the Xbox One has gotten since it was revealed. A little over a month ago it seemed like Don Mattrick was all about the future of Xbox and the new console, then out of nowhere he leaves the company so abruptly? MS hasn't even found or appointed the person to take his position yet
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CommonSense  +   882d ago
It hasn't received "extreme backlash." Just a few outspoken idiots throughout that industry that think their opinions matter most.
ErcsYou  +   882d ago
Im very impressed that a " a few outspoken idiots" could make that much noise. If there was ever a perfect example of "extreme backlash", that was it. RIP Console DRM
onyoursistersback  +   882d ago
thous "IDIOTS" that your talking about, just made Microsoft change there ideas about DRM!
M-M  +   882d ago
You don't deserve that username.
flipflopfacts  +   882d ago
@common sense

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Donnieboi  +   882d ago
@commonsense: your "sense" is far from common.
Themba76  +   882d ago
what the hell do you call this

SilentNegotiator  +   882d ago
It received enough backlash in pre-orders for them to do something.
So much for your "few outspoken idiots" theory.


The worst of the fanboys like to put things like "truth" and "common sense" and such in their usernames.
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solidjun5  +   881d ago
you forgot "Logic."
jimbobwahey  +   882d ago
Ballmer initiated a company restructuring on July 1st. That's also the day it's announced that Don Mattrick is leaving Microsoft.

Anybody who claims it's unrelated to Xbox One woes is kidding themselves, Ballmer has booted the guy out and rightfully so.
B-radical  +   882d ago
Well i do reckon it's not xbox related for the mere fact you cant just go from one company to another and be ceo within the click of fingers even tho zynga is a sinking ship i believe this was in the making for a long time
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   882d ago
Not really, he could have had the offer for awhile before he 'decided' to leave MS.
CrossingEden  +   882d ago
think about how long it takes to get another job, get interviewed, them looking over your resume, and having that job confirmed, becoming CEO of another company doesn't happen in two day, think realistically here, stop pandering to fantasies
jmc8888  +   882d ago
Actually you are assuming large corporations are run sanely. Case after case showcase corporations are breeding grounds for absolute insane activity.

You are also assuming that Mattrick was the lone reason these policies existed and in the worst cases, STILL EXIST.

He fell on the sword, nothing more. Most of the people involved at the top, especially Ballmer, created the situation they are in. We won't know who pushed the hardest, nor who had the final say, but rest assured the people at the very top had insight and influence and didn't stop the fiasco that just occurred. People need to quit thinking like Microsoft is finding all this out at the same time we are about...Microsoft.

You also assume that Zynga and other corporations aren't pursuing each other behind the scenes on a consistent basis.

He was probably aware of the interest from Zynga for quite some time, and over the MONTHS this fiasco has unfolded, some of which I'm sure haven't occurred yet, led to a situation where he started seriously entertaining the idea.

Ultimately everybody took a route that saves face for both sides as Microsoft didn't 'fire' him, nor needed to publicly admit further mistakes and his credibility and status in his profession amongst his peers is not damaged by him being fired. But everyone still can read between the lines.

This situation has been brewing ALL YEAR. It just came to a head since the reveal (1 1/2 months now). When all the major rumors from the past few months were found to be true. No doubt people at Microsoft were aware of the massive vocal outcry against their as of yet unannounced policies. They feigned ignorance as it was apparently needed to try to sell the console as is. Rubber met road, and Microsoft turned 90 degrees. It isn't 180 until they allow Kinect2 to be disconnected and add an SKU without it.

We still don't know the rest of the back story of just the apparent situation, Xbox One. Some of it includes the overall design choice of the console, nor it's potential problems. Right now, while it may be hard for people to understand, Microsoft knows if it's going to be a messy launch. They know exactly where they are.

They know how their production is. Chip yields. Overheating. Even potential other stuff. The same is true with any company producing anything, including Sony. But the rumors are Sony nailed production. We will see.

But right now, if production problems are undesirable, that too would play negatively upon Mattrick and everybody involved in such decisions. Microsoft knows this. We have glimpses. From the obvious rumors, to the low allotment of launch consoles, which have shown that such low allotment count means something about the process is flawed and/or undeveloped. Either way or both hurts Microsoft and is undesirable when compared to optimal. Plus given their track record, one should be watchful of the QA of their 1st generation consoles.

Make no mistake Microsoft knew about the 360 problems but pushed ahead. Who is to say they won't repeat such actions? Regardless of our wishes they know today where they are likely to stand in a few months.

Now if you want another indictment.... it is that the Xbox One uses a more complex method because of design decisions to make it cheaper. Yep. It's like putting a turbocharger inside a Prius to make up some of the difference between it and a Camaro.
jmc8888  +   882d ago
That complexity is what some of the rumors refer to. Problems that have to do with the eSRAM. Which means by going cheap, they screwed themselves. That was a decision. To go cheaper and attempt to make up some of it with a different part. (which coincidentally makes the games tougher to code for as well and all the problems that can create.)

If they would have been more concerned perhaps with...gaming...instead of overall NSA Kinect2 + casual nothings of tv, specific fantasy football, and other tertiary aspects perhaps they have a better product.

But what they did is make the console more difficult to produce, increase the potential for reliability concerns, make it harder for devs to code for (though not as much as a PS3), all so it could supposedly be cheaper. But any problems could erase the cost advantages. It's picking up pennies in front of a steamroller type stupid decisions. It may cost them more to implement the 'cheaper' solution, and in the process they gave their competitor a power advantage and got nothing positive from going 'cheaper'.

Hell we don't even know what their internals said of Sony. No doubt they had people trying to make a judgement of when and what Sony was going to put out. Reports of them being caught off guard show this to be possible. Them being behind is another example.

So someone was most likely wrong about what Sony was doing. Or someone thought it wasn't going to be a major difference. Someone in the position to be held accountable had to believe it.

Someone might have come up with the eSRAM idea late in the process. There's many areas, even multiple areas where mistakes were most likely made. At this point they can go through the process and make decisions on that. But it's quite a telling story of WHY they should.

Because now in effect they have a less powerful, harder to produce, harder to code for, potentially late, potentially unreliable, potentially down clocked beyond the original specs, yet also the more expensive console with all the fiasco's and missteps that they've corrected or remain stubborn on. Each of these problems require multiple mess-ups from multiple people, over a course of time.

Now we'll have to see how this all plays out, but as we sit today, Microsoft is well aware of things we'll only find out at or around the console launch. Basically what we've seen is that the people that came up with the ideas, implemented them, and put them into production have been reviewed, and changes are being made. That should not give anyone confidence about the Xbox One.

Maybe they pull it together, launch on time, at full power, with no major reliability issues (RRoD, disc scratch, etc), and in quantities that can remain competitive to Sony.

But every piece of data shows quite the opposite, and again, the data is there for Microsoft to know well as you.
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nina12claus   882d ago | Spam
fermcr  +   882d ago
Yep, Mattrick departure is absolutely not related to X1 woes !!! /s
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Ashlen  +   882d ago
Just give me a sec to wash off my eyeballs they rolled out of my head onto the floor.
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PopRocks359  +   882d ago
Ahahahahaha BS.

Of course it's related to all the PR trouble around Xbox One. What else could it be? They opted to focus on aspects of the console that no one cared about, restrict content and features on the console and royally screwed their reputation as a result. SOMEONE has to pay for that; just as one Mr. Orth did not too long ago.
Relientk77  +   882d ago
yea right

well I think its directly related
edonus   882d ago | Spam
ylwzx3  +   882d ago
Telling customers to buy a Xbox 360 instead of the Xbone? Riiiight.
FarCryLover182  +   882d ago
It seems like it is directly related given the situation that the aforementioned parties are in.

However, let's think of it in a different way:

If Mattrick leaving Microsoft is due to his performance and PR blunders and is leaving on bad terms, then why would another company willingly accept him as their CEO?
KwietStorm  +   882d ago
Zynga isn't in the best of shape either, so they might have just snatched up someone who they believed to have been proven in at least some regard, or someone who's vision they think could help them moving forward, regardless of his very recent blunders.
KwietStorm  +   882d ago
Of course it's unrelated. And tax evaders flee the country around March because the weather is nice in the islands.
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CommonSense  +   882d ago evaders just join the Obama administration.
ApolloTheBoss  +   882d ago
Dude...Not here. Please.
KwietStorm  +   882d ago
Last I checked, Romney was on the other side. But yea, this isn't the place.
CommonSense  +   882d ago
It's not the place for a time-appropriate joke? So you can only make references to games and pop culture?

You people are too much.

@Kwiet: Your comment makes no sense. Romney isn't a tax cheat. What idiot told you that, that you blindly believed with invested 2 seconds or research. I was referring to Timothy Geithner (backed by Obama, confirmed as Treasury Secretary), Tom Daschle (withdrew as HHS Secretary), Kathleen Sebelius (backed by Obama, confirmed as HHS Secretary), Hilda Solis (backed by Obama, confirmed as Labor Secretary), Nancy Killefer (withdrew as Chief Performance Officer). All known tax cheats.
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Thefreeman012  +   882d ago
Im happy to see this douche leave... this guy didnt know what the hell was goin on
CommonSense  +   882d ago
I'm glad he's gone. I dislike him almost as much as I dislike Jack Trenton and Reggie Fils-a-ummm-cup. Both are insanely annoying in their own way.
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VitaOwner  +   882d ago
Wow, it looks like you see the world through feces covered glasses.
CommonSense  +   882d ago
Nah, people on N4G see everything Sony through rose-covered glasses. And Nintendo seems to be exempt from criticism in this community even though they've been an embarrassment for years.

That was a really lame joke, btw. But i know it stems from your obsession with sony, so i am in no way surprised.
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VitaOwner  +   882d ago
I'm actually not obsessed with Sony despite owning a Vita. I bought the xbox 360 first this generation and didn't even get a ps3 till about a month ago. I wasn't saying you are looking through feces covered glasses because of sony but because you dislike the heads of every major console maker rather strongly.
Scarecrow411  +   882d ago
Yea it's completely unrelated.. It's a business-wise decision to leave a stable company for a struggling one. No wonder the xb1 was fucked from the get go.
ZBlacktt  +   882d ago
The Ship is sinking time to jump!!!!
MichaelLito79  +   882d ago
Don't know the real reason behind him leaving but the Xbox 360 had a great run and Don Mattrick was leading.
Sharius  +   882d ago
of course not, only fool thing he leave because of xbone, this guy did a good job at selling PS4 so they expect he will do the same thing for Zynga

Mr. Matrick we will miss you, you did a great deal for PS4, more than any sony's employee can do (i look at you agent Phil)

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