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Submitted by BadCircuit 952d ago | preview

OXCGN’s Titanfall preview- A ‘new generation’ shooter


"Even though Titanfall was leaked days priors to E3 courtesy of leaked GameInformer magazine scans there was still a huge buzz surrounding what Respawn Entertainment had in store for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC gamers around the world.

Titanfall is of course a First Person Shooter, but what sets it apart from other shooters on the market is the interplay between Pilots (Humans) and Titans (large mechs)." (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

BadCircuit  +   952d ago
Wasn't impressed with this at first. But now that I 'get it' a bit more, it is impressive
JokesOnYou  +   951d ago
Sounds like he really enjoyed his time with the game, I especially loved this:

"As to not make the game too one sided in favor of the Pilots, Titans are just as agile and nimble as Pilots. They can run and strafe as they please. Titans’ weaponry is much more impressive than the Pilots, from the usual 40MM mini-gun to the more impressive Arc Canon which shoots a string of lightning which can disable rival Titans or gruesomely combust other Pilots. Titans also have what is called an Vortex Blocker. The Vortex Blocker allows Titans, like Neo in The Matrix,to catch bullets or rockets and shoot them back at an enemy. Each time you use the blocker there is a limit and it needs to cool-down. In tight situation where your Titan is a bout to explode it could be extremely useful. As Titans are as nimble as Pilots, any unsuspecting enemy down below can easily be trampled, so to counter this Pilots, if caught running around in the open, can hitch a ride on a friendly Titan. What we get once this happens is a slew of more gameplay options.Pilots can jump off friendly Titans, jetpack a short distance on top of an enemy Titan. Here they can rip open a hatch start shooting, jump off and watch as the Titan explodes. Alternatively if you’re in a Titan and it’s nearing the end of its life, you’ll be prompted to eject, being thrust a good hundred metres into the sky."

"Enemies can shoot you down in this instance so you are extremely vulnerable. In the gameplay demo you’ll see a Titan charge up his cannon and blow up an enemy Pilot who has just ejected from his Titan.Titans unfortunately cannot capture any points of interest on the battlefield so Pilots ultimately have to decide whether they’ll leave it up to their team mates to do or go at it themselves.Luckily Titans won’t stay dormant until your return, they’ll activate ‘Guard Mode’ and move around the battlefield doing some damage. You can then locate it and request it to stand still whilst you run to it, hop in, and continue the carnage.

"Watching Pilots v Pilots, Titan v Titan or Pilots v Titans is a thing of beauty. Both have their own set of pros and cons and it never seemed like one type of character outweighed the other.Those that are adept in reading the battlefield, following the map and know how to use certain weapons to their advantage will have a lot of fun in Titanfall."

-Wow, just sounds like alot of fun, cant wait to see for myself how it all plays out.
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mxrider2199  +   951d ago
tbh its going to be like call of duty. a new type of gameplay will be fun for the first couple of months and then become generic but easy for everyone to be good at (well atleast have moments of killstreaks to feel good) and then will become milked whether or not it will be on the ps4 i will probably not even get it. if it does come kz sf, the division, and maybe bf4 will beat this game, and when i try out ps2 which looks insane with the variety of gameplay it offers i might not even remember the name titanfall
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nina12claus   951d ago | Spam
gaminoz  +   952d ago
Fast mechs...This game looks like it will be insanity. Very fast...maybe too fast for me!
Proeliator  +   952d ago
I really, really like this. Hope I get to play it this year!
MikeyDucati1  +   952d ago
A parkour shooter at its best. Still not a bleep on my radar. I will have to have some hands on experience for a better understanding of what this game is capable of.
SpideySpeakz  +   952d ago
Just think Hawken + CoD.
MikeyDucati1  +   952d ago
I haven't heard much about that game since it came out. Community is still going strong, ya know?
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   952d ago
I can't help but feel like they ripped off hawken,maybe it's just me.
B-radical  +   952d ago
This and ryse and prob forza 5 will be the first games i get i think
Salooh  +   952d ago
Hope it's the next call of duty but with skills and new stuff. Still disappointed with the timed exclusive. Man , Next generation will start with awesome games. But i feel like games won't be that challenging and long like the start of this generation. I already feel i mastered battlefied 4 / AC4 / KZ4 / inFAMOUS3 ..etc XD ..

But still , can't wait !
mxrider2199  +   951d ago
i hope kz sf gameplay (online) is more like kz2 if they implement the kz2 clan system again i probably wont touch any other shooter.
Salooh  +   951d ago
They haven't revealed the MP so there is a good chance that we will get clans :) . It would be easy for them. But i have ideas for the MP that maybe , maybe they will do them . I'm not saying anything though to put low expectations so we enjoy it for what it is :P .
ame22  +   952d ago
The hype around this game is totally undeserved it's not even funny. While it looks fun the game looks very current gen.
peowpeow  +   952d ago
While I agree graphics wise.. gameplay looks above so-called next gen games
TheFallenAngel  +   952d ago
I don't care for it. If I really did I could buy it for my PC but naw I will be busy with Battlefield 4 and Killzone: Shadow Fall.
MrSwankSinatra  +   952d ago
doesn't look next gen to me, it looks like the same old washed up FPS formula except with mechs. Yeah totally next gen..... NOT!!!
BootHammer  +   951d ago
It has potential for sure but I'll need to see a a bit more before I"m personally sold.
mxrider2199  +   951d ago
i agree potential is there but i have a feeling it will fail and will be cod with mechs and then the average gamer will have a decision between this and cod tbh i probably wont buy any more cods or even titanfall unless it blows me away
GrathiusXR  +   951d ago
All I can say is that you HAVE ti see this in person to really appreciate it. Watching videos doesn't do the graphics justice.
IcicleTrepan  +   951d ago
One of the reasons for this is likely that it's running at 60fps and things like youtube don't have that kind of fidelity yet. But the 60fps thing is one of the big leaps of the next gen of consoles and you can't even see it from watching low quality vids on the net.
GodGinrai  +   951d ago
This artcle shows a video of ttanfall running at 60FPS . they also have a BF4 and KI video at 60FPS on the same page. best to use chrome to watch em.

EDIT: Lokking forward to this game. I love mechs! I play hawken and mechwarrior on PC so having this on X1 to play with my freinds is gonna be EPIC!
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Supermax  +   951d ago
The best part that wasn't covered is theres differ classes of pilots and titans.
GrathiusXR  +   951d ago
Unfortunately that wasn't elaborated on during the behind closed doors session when I was in there.

If it was, would have covered it but, I wouldn't want to put information in my preview I hadn't gotten first hand. Oh well classes :D

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