Top 5 Characters Super Smash Bros Needs

Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS are both set to release in 2014. These five characters will ensure that the games live up to the legacy of their predecessors.

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RmanX10001871d ago

I love anime but for f**ks sake, people need to stop putting anime and manga characters on these lists! IT'S NOT GOING TO FREAKING HAPPEN.

Snookies121871d ago

Yeah... Naruto in Smash Bros. is weirder than the inclusion of Snake...

If you want a Smash Bros. type game with Naruto, go play Battle Stadium D.O.N.

Loved that game...

1871d ago
zeal0us1871d ago (Edited 1871d ago )

Sora is probably the only one I wouldn't mind seeing in the game. He's not too strong or problematic like Goku and Naruto. Nor does it seems odd having him in the game like Pacmac and Digi Destined.

If I had to choose a DBZ character I would go with a Future Trunks, the version of him wielding a sword. His play style would be a mixture of several characters. Sword attacks/mechanics would be similar to that of Roy/Marth. Ki blast would be similar to Fox/Falco shooting. Ability to fly and turn super Saiyan could be final smash move.

Ninte1871d ago

yes and naruto is appearing on jstars so that wouldn't work

horror_spooky1871d ago

Also before anyone says it...yes, I forgot Bayonetta and that one is totally on me. V_V

RmanX10001871d ago

Travis Touchdown, an actual game character who was Wii exclusive for a long time, got an honorable mention on a list full of anime characters with zero relevance to the Nintendo brand. This list is invalid.

pr0t0typeknuckles1871d ago

okay look i love goku,screw naruto but goku on the other hand is loved,but for christ sake people he should never be in smash bros,smash bros isnt all stars where you can just put any character that has little to no history with nintendo.

TuxedoMoon1871d ago

This list was terrible. Naruto and Goku? Why not play Jump Ultimate Stars for that. Pac-man I can see making it into Smash though. Pac-man was in all those Mario Kart Arcade games and is an iconic character.

Sora and Tavis will probably not make it into the game. I think Sora is Co-owned between Disney and Square. Square is pretty stingy with lending out it's properties. Travis is way too violent for Smash bros. Unless Suda51 begs Sakurai to put him in the game.

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