Lie to Our Fans. Trust Me, it works

Peter is fed up with Gearbox's lies. He is taking a stand against them.

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Mr_Nuts1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

The DLC is the worse thing about Borderlands 2, especialy when they outsourced them. They never brought me in like the DLC for Borderlands did.

I even thought it was lazy to why they brought in new characters..."Oh so you guys can experience character development for the original vault hunters". So your saying that in order to do character development you needed to have them as NPC's...bullcrap. You can do a game with a ton of character development and have them as the main playable character. We could of had great upgradable skills for them and import our character saves from the first game

Then you have the story they haven't worked out that much. For example we all know there is ONLY six sirens in that universe. Lilith is one, Commander Steele was rumoured to be one, Angel and even Maya. So FOUR out of the only SIX sirens in the ENTIRE BLOODY UNIVERSE (big place if you didn't know) all happen to land or come to Pandora around the same time. Yeah I'm not buying that.

Borderlands is a fantastic game but I never felt completely satisfied with Borderlands 2. It looked better but I never played it as much and I have no idea why, the charm just wasn't there.

God I hope the original vault hunters return in the next one <spoilers> guess someone new could be created to take over Rolands place. As I said they can't make another Siren, that would bring the total up to 5...all in the same galaxy/planet

snipab8t1991d ago

I get what you mean when you say that Borderlands 2 lacked the spark of Borderlands 1. I think this is because Borderlands 1 was such a good surprise when it came out. You have to admit though that the story was a lot better and funnier in BL2 than BL1.

KingSigy1990d ago

That really sucks. I've heard from a lot of people that the base game of Borderlands 2 felt right and all the DLC was just icing. Still, it's a bit sad how games are definitely thought of as continuing services instead of finished products.

MikeyDucati11991d ago

They are creating content for Borderlands 2!!! I don't get it...they are creating more content for you at a price and all you have energy for is complaining. MS didn't want to control their consumers.

Wait, troll article holds no merit. I digress. Journalists do anything for website clicks and attention.

wallis1991d ago

Jesus Christ, a developer making content and charging for it? How strange. All this money in my wallet has been driving me mad. I've been trying to eat it, use it to prop up wobbly tables, and even tried to use some of the coinage to stuff my pants and increase the size of my package but alas it's just so useless. However now that gearbox have been nice enough to completely do away with quality I am happy to say that I can exchange my money for something that I won't enjoy, or find valuable!

I often find in my day to day life that I much prefer it when Starbucks replace my coffee with enema fluid and my mechanic removes my brake pads. I feel that for a long time the game industry has been getting away with exchanging quality products for money - this respect for the consumer is totally and utterly disgusting. Personally I want to see more companies just stop giving a fuck like gearbox because as MikeyDucati1 points out they are creating content at a price and THAT is all it should take for a company to make a profit, right?

MikeyDucati11991d ago

Yea because its absolutely shocking that a development company creates entertainment in exchange for your money. The first rule of sarcasm is that you have to be witty in your sarcasm. Grow up.

KingSigy1990d ago

Wow. That's way off base. I don't care that a developer is charging for extra content. When they announce a game, if DLC isn't part of the initial product, then whatever. It just sucks that the modern games industry is so focused on the after instead of the now.

I want my games to feel more complete instead of like placeholders until the "real" stuff comes.

MikeyDucati11990d ago

So how do you define "real" stuff from filler? How do you know that a developer doesn't continue ideas that he wants to bring out to extend the game? Oh I get it, you kids weren't even around when games didn't have internet to receive updates, patches and add ons.

KingSigy1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Hey! I like the troll face, haha.

worldwidegaming1991d ago

lying is pretty normal. I mean kids do it at age 4.

KingSigy1990d ago

That made me laugh. Thanks for that.