Xbox Ultimate Sale, and Why We're Going to See More

Gamersbliss Writes: We here at GamersBliss want to make sure that YOU, the gamer, are in bliss. Hence the name, so we would be remissed if you didn’t tell you about a huge opportunity to be in said bliss, by saving a buttload of money on some awesome games for the Xbox 360....We’re also looking forward to seeing more of this kind of stuff in the future, as the next consoles get closer and closer, Microsoft and Sony are going to do all they can to try and shift people’s buying habits to digital copies, it just makes sense. "

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evilkillerk1662d ago

hoping for more games to sale.

1662d ago Replies(1)

We all need a sale for video games!

TheSuperior 1662d ago

Sales make me go more broke then no sale x ) haha at least I get more for my buck

coolbeans1662d ago

Pretty good selection. Now, the anticipation of the price slashes.

guitarded771662d ago

We'll see. Doesn't make a difference how good the game list is if the prices aren't good. I want to get Gears Judgement and The Witcher 2, but if they're just $40 and $30 on Live, I can get them from Amazon every day for that price. I want to see at least $30 on Gears and $20 on The Witcher 2.

Decaf_PIxel_Kat1662d ago

Nice! Too bad I already have the games that I would've wanted that are on this list.

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