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We Got This Covered wrote:

Ride to Hell: Retribution is a shameful and pathetic excuse for a video game. Deep Silver and Euthechnyx should be utterly embarrassed to have their names associated with this piece of trash, and the fact that they are charging $30 for it shows what little respect they have for their customers.

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DeeZee1723d ago

Really? It's that bad lol

GamingAngelGabriel1723d ago

I've heard lots of "worst of this generation" talk thrown around.

1723d ago
Kevlar0091723d ago

Don't expect The Walking Dead:SI to go without a fight

Wedge10821722d ago

LOL. I had totally forgot about that turd.

bacrec11721d ago

That Fast and Furious was pretty bad too.

RenegadeRocks1723d ago

EGMNOW has given it a 0.5 ! :P

PlayTheGameBro1717d ago

LMFAO in all my years of gaming, I've never seen this before.