State of Decay: The Australian review | MMGN

Nathan Misa of writes: "State of Decay consolidates all that is great about the zombie apocalypse scenario and offers survival nuts everything they secretly dream of — gathering supplies, building a fort, establishing a community, culling the hordes with smarts and generally conquering Armageddon — and backs its ambitious ideas up with dynamic choices, actual consequences and solid gameplay mechanics, all with a surprising amount of depth."

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GraphicX1037d ago

any chance you can share how you guys got the game going on your aussie xbox (since it was banned here) ? one of my mates it dying to play it, but can't figure out how to. thanks.

BozoLoco1037d ago

Need a US Xbox account I'd imagine.

Tyrus_911037d ago

What IC-1101 said. There's also a link in the review that shows you how.

Anthotis1037d ago

The censorship is more revolting than the content of the game.