Peter Molyneux to keynote PAX Prime

VG247: "Bullfrog founder, 22 Cans lead and all-round games industry hero Peter Molyneux will open PAX Prime with one of the event’s famous Storytime sessions."

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Bigpappy1482d ago

No pete. It is too soon. Go and make a game, which includes all the ideas you have in your head. If that is well received, then at least a couple people might listen to what you have to say. You are not well liked at this point, and could use an image make over.

HammadTheBeast1482d ago

I'm going to cry if Cliffy B. shows up there.

Anthotis1482d ago

At least he's not announcing another crappy Fable game.

1482d ago
MysticStrummer1482d ago

If he promised to keynote PAX Prime, there's a chance he won't show up at all.

It's his way.

I'd love a remake of Populous though.