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Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS: What Characters Should Be Axed? (8bitfix)

8bitfix writes: We thought about putting together a list of characters who should throw in the towel for the next round.

Please note: The characters that appear on this list are not necessarily bad, many are quite good. It's just that some are being excluded, or even being modified or substituted, for the sake of seeing something new done in the series. Past experience has also shown that some other characters are excluded since we've seen several "clones" left behind from Melee going into Brawl, or it could be another reason entirely, like the character's overall popular status. So don't see the characters below and immediately assume the worst. Read the accompanying text to understand where we're coming from. Even then, in the words of Emperor Satoru Iwata: "Please understand." (Masahiro Sakurai, Super Smash Bros., Wii U)

Jackhass  +   877d ago
Get rid of Mr. Game and Watch!
PopRocks359  +   877d ago
No. Game & Watch has a unique move set AND he's a part of Nintendo's history. He practically launched with their first handheld gaming device.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   877d ago
Get rid of wolf,falco,toon link,Dr Mario,and the Isaac,they really should just be costumes.
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AceOfCakez  +   877d ago
Get rid of all the characters that have the exact same moveset as another character. Either that, or give those characters completely new movesets (like Ganondorf)
kirbyu  +   877d ago
I don't think Jigglypuff needs to be removed, just made better. But if she is removed, don't make her a Pokeball, make her a character in the cutscenes.
TruthbeTold  +   877d ago
Metaknight, Wario, Toon Link, Snake, Pokemon trainer, and maybe Falco.
ZeekQuattro  +   877d ago
Olimar, Game & Watch, & Lucario.
TH3KARMACHARGER  +   877d ago
Olimar, Game and watch, Wario, toon link,Lucas, Ike (Replace wit Roy)
PopRocks359  +   877d ago
Honestly, I think any character that has a derivative move set, like Lucas or Falco, should get the axe. Any newcomers with totally original moves should remain unchanged. Luigi's a decent exception since most of his moves are actually pretty different from Mario's anyway.
just-joe  +   877d ago
Metaknight should be nerfed at the least.
BATRA  +   877d ago
they say that yoshi is not cut but he might get cut anything can happen wft is in the game so like i say anything can happen?
Ac7iVe  +   877d ago
Lucario only everyone else is awesome
jsn0130  +   877d ago
If Ganondorf returns I sincerely hope it's not with Captain Falcon's move set for a third time. Put a sword in his hand this time. Maybe make him a little faster too. Sakurai showed Bowser will be faster, during the Developer Direct, I'd like to see the same for Ganondorf. That or maybe consider a new Zelda villain.
TuxedoMoon  +   877d ago
I agree with almost everyone on this list except Falco. Fox and Falco re the equivalent of Ryu and Ken in Street fighter (same goes for Mario and Luigi). Falco fighting like Fox makes sense as they are on the same team and probably train together. Someone who shouldn't fight like Fox is Wolf. From the tank to the fire fox and swift techs, Wolf is an unneeded Akuma. Falco does have a huge smash fan base as he is one of the characters a ton of people main. There are probably more Falco players than Wolf ones.

So based on popularity and usage, Falco should stay and Wolf should get replaced by Krystal from Starfox Adventures. She using the staff would make her a very different fighter from Falco and Fox.

Lucas should either get new moves Same with Ganondorf. Snake might get a makeover, being Big Boss/Naked Snake instead. I do see him returning to promote MGS5. Ike might not be replaced, instead Marth might be replaced by Female Marth from FE-3ds.

TOON LINK NEEDS TO BE REPLACED. Yeah, he was the faster link, but he was too much like big link. It would've been cool if We got Majora Link where his moves revolves around the different items and masks. He can be a 5 in 1 character (Link, Deku, Goron, Zora, and Final Smash is Fierce Deity). Most of his A button moves will be the same, but his B moves are what makes him unique. Link from the new Game would be a great addition too, if they incorporate the items from that game (and LTTP) like the mirror shield and fire/ice rods.

Ganondorf needs 2 Styles, his sword and his unarmed styles would make Ganon different from Captain falcon.

I just want more females added into Smash bros. Brawl added no new female characters to the roster (Zero Suit Samus is another form of an existing character so I don't count her as a new addition. Plus she's not even on the roster!). Lyndis (FE-GBA), Krystal, Milky-way (Custom Robo GC Version), Palutena, Calista (The Last Story), Fiora (Xenoblade), Mia/Jenna (golden Sun)... There's an entire backlog of usable Female characters. Wii-fit trainer...I guess...it an alright start. Now just give us some COOL female characters.
asiatico  +   877d ago
Jigglypuff could be better in this game since in the new gen it has a new type (fairy),could introduce something new
lizard81288  +   877d ago
All of the No
I assume most will be upgraded, like Toon link in favor of Young Link again for his 3DS remake.

I don't expect many characters to be cut.

can stay, due to the new fairy type, which hopefully means a new moveset. (plus Jigs is my main). Nothing like someone bad mouthing jigs and then me kicking their ass with her.

Falco Lombardi or Wolf O'Donnell
StarFox shouldn't lose any reps. Both need a new moveset. Wolf would be the only one in danger, but alot oof people like him.

I can see him being cut. Not many people like him, per-say. Mostly because they think he replaced Mewtwo. He has a different moveset, but gen 4 is over and he was really meh. Granted, he can have a new moveset.

Maybe. FE needs someone who doesn't use swords.

People seem to be ok with losing him....as am I.

Should stay. He is unique. Granted, he is an obscure character, but still.

Captain Olimar
He'll stay. Maybe even Pikmin will get another rep.

Needs to be more different than Ness. I don't think the series will get another rep, but they shouldn't lose one either.

Pkmn Trainer.
Gen I Is rep'd heavily. I can see a pkmn swap though...Maybe some Gen III love?

Really, I think out of all of them, Lucas, Lucario, and Wolf are up there Lucas shouldn't be removed, but Wolf...eh~. Lucas and Wolf need brand new movesets though. Lucario was the flavor of the month though.
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bacrec1  +   876d ago
I hate to have that job.

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