Xbox One vs PS4 – Do Specs Really Matter?

Microsoft’s product planning manager Albert Penello riled up the gaming community when he said that the Xbox One vs PS4 Specs comparison was “meaningless”.

Could he be right?

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dedicatedtogamers1991d ago

Were the differences between Xbox Live and PSN meaningless? Clearly not if tens of milllions of people were willing to pay for Live instead of using the free service.

Were the differences in graphics meaningless when comparing the Wii version and PS3/360 versions of Call of Duty? Clearly not if CoD routinely sold 20+ million on the HD Twins yet barely made a blip on the Wii.

Hardware power always, always matters. It's not the only factor, but it does indeed matter.

mp12891991d ago

I think the vast majority of people do know which one has the better hardware, especially now that internet is so easily accessible. Obviously last gen it was a bit more confusing because the ps3 was so hard to develop for, but this time i think average joe will be able to figure it out before purchasing.

I_am_Batman1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Last time it wasn't that much of a competition right away because the Xbox 360 came out a year earlier. A lot of people just didn't want to wait a year for the PS3 especially with all the bad media it got before launch.

However this time around both consoles will release pretty much simultaniously. It'll be much more of a fight for consumers this time I think.

demonddel1991d ago

@batman quit using that excuse about Xbox came out a year early so did the Dreamcast Microsort came with a gameplan to slow Sony down so did Nintendo

YNWA961991d ago

Of course specs matter... Its all I have.... What else would I whine on about, I would have no chance with the ladies if I could not talk about terraflops and gddr.... So please keep it relevant, I need them...

YNWA961991d ago

@ demonddel, tell me... Your dream night, 1; night out with a supermodel, who is gagging for you, or 2; sony....

S2Killinit1991d ago

no it was just that M$ had really deep pockets. They basically muscled their way into the market.

mewhy321991d ago

Wow, it sounds like Micro$oft is taking a page from Nintendo's playbook ROFL. Sure specs don't matter when you're 50% less powerful than the competition LOL.

GameSpawn1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

OK hardware matters, but more to the point what matters most is consumer trust. Right now the PlayStation brand has gained so much consumer trust that the PS4 has become a no brainer for many. Microsoft has lost so much consumer trust with their Xbox One that its launch is looking very dismal.

I expect both consoles will inevitably sell out for the first couple months as soon as any stock arrives in stores. This is how every major console launch has been. However, unless Microsoft can regain some consumer trust I expect the Xbox One to "plateau" after 6 months. I definitely don't expect them to move as many systems as the PS4 is already being forecast. Sony already has a manufacturing edge on Microsoft and can produce to keep up with demand and Microsoft's system has already been shown to have some limitations (certain components are bottle-necking the process) that prevent them from having the level of manufacturing ability that the PS4 will have.

We'll all see what happens in the coming months. Microsoft's down, but not out completely. It up to them as to what they can do to appease people for pulling the wool over their heads and reassure them they won't do something similar again in the future.

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jeffgoldwin1991d ago

If hardware mattered that much, I'd say buy a pc. You buy a console because graphics take a back seat to exclusives and price.

HammadTheBeast1991d ago

But the price has to be worth it. Better graphics for better price seems like a win to me. And better exclusives come from better specs.

dedicatedtogamers1991d ago

I have a PC, but there are a ton of games on consoles that never come to PC.

Not to mention I can spend $400 to get a PS4 which is fairly close to my 2-year-old PC in terms of power. Why wouldn't anyone take that choice? PC isn't the be-all-end-all, not even for a lot of PC gamers.

Hicken1991d ago

Define "that much." Cuz if hardware was didn't matter at all, we'd still be playing on Commodore 64.

ShwankyShpanky1991d ago

I'd say graphics take a back seat to convenience and price.

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TheHierarchy1991d ago


"Were the differences in graphics meaningless when comparing the Wii version and PS3/360 versions of Call of Duty? Clearly not if CoD routinely sold 20+ million on the HD Twins yet barely made a blip on the Wii. "

yeah but, were the differences in graphics meaningless when PC kicked all of their asses regardless for decades now? the answer is yes, because people still bought games based on whatever console they owned. and if i remembered it still the same.

MRMagoo1231991d ago

I have a gaming PC i work at a pc repair shop i love using a pc for certain games but you cant get the sony exclusives on PC so it doesnt matter if i have gtx 780s in sli or 32g of ram or an OC i7 it still wont play uncharted. By the looks of it the pc wont be kicking any arse this time round at least for a while.

DoomeDx1991d ago

Awesome! Article #453 about this subject.

hkgamer1991d ago

The differences between Live and PSN? Not really sure, I didn;t bother getting Live because I don't play online that much or even touch my 360.

Graphics? to a certain extent graphics will matter, but I think fps and screen tearing matter more. Think most multi-plats did run better on the 360 which was probably why no one ever saw the reason to get a PS3 which was more expensive.

PS4 vs Xbone? Now that the DRM from xbone is gone I guess it will be an even competition. The similar architecture and specs will probably mean that there won't be much difference graphically. I mean the multi-plats this gen always looked better for the console it was designed for and the port always lacked a little but with the way it could be port I guess it should almost be identical.

MRMagoo1231991d ago

They arent similar specs , they are similar architecture but thats it the ps4 will be getting better fps and better resolutions along with better graphics on multiplats in the long run, if you knew anything about specs which im guessing you dont you would know that.

hkgamer1990d ago

the specs are pretty similar. same amount of RAM but Xbone uses more for OS.
similar clock speeds, same amount of cores.

cant be bothered naming every spec. But they are similar.

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Automatic791991d ago

I guess time will tell re specs. Right now it should be about the games.

fsfsxii1991d ago

Which MS hasn't provided since the past 3 years

chestnut11221991d ago

Microsoft - So You're telling us Specs doesn't matter but Your Price for X BOX One is more expensive than PS4 which beats You on that Specs Category?

wishingW3L1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

pretty much. It's obviously just a cheap desperate spin.

creatchee1991d ago

Maybe Microsoft feels that they are offering more than just specs to justify their cost? I mean, you might not find it worth the extra 100 bucks, but other people will.

Death1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Too much thought is going into the specs. Both machines are x86 based. Both machines use an AMD CPU/GPU combo chip. Both have 8 gigs of ram and a blu-ray player. Games will look incredibly similar especially from third party devs. Microsoft is placing their bet on the gaming experience from the moment you enter the room even before you sit down to the second you get up. They also believe that social interaction is an important part of the gaming experience.

If as a manufacturer they believe the two consoles to be very similar, the question is what sets them apart? Obviously exclusives make a big difference, but if they are confident with their library, what else is there to focus on? Microsoft has been working to make playing online as seemless as possible with Live. Sony has decided to do the same with their paid service. What is next? That is the question both companies ask. If Sony's plans are what you want, buy the PS4. If you like Microsofts vision, then the Xbox one is for you.

Mighty Boom1991d ago

Yes, they do. Fanboys can perform all the mental gymnastics they want, it does not change reality.

With that said, I'm getting both consoles, but I'm more excited about the PS4 because it has MORE horsepower under the hood.

Disagree me, now.

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