Xbox Games on Demand Sale Goes Live

Microsoft hasn’t officially given the word that these deals are live … but these deals are live.

Without doubt, AC3 and Max Payne 3 at £8.99 and Bulletstorm, Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect for £4.49 are the standouts here.

Expect more crazy deals throughout July

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JokesOnYou1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Cool I never got around to picking up Max Payne3...think I'll just do that now.

Fireseed1962d ago

It's a really great game. You won't be disappointed! :D

green1962d ago

Going to pick up either Max Payne 3 or Dragons Age origins.

cyguration1962d ago

Good sales. Now all they need is more indie titles, a mod workshop for all supported games and the ability to use a single account from multiple systems simultaneously and they'll have caught up to Steam's functionality.

CRAIG6671962d ago

Who said they were trying to catch up to Steam in the first place?

pompombrum1962d ago

Is that Assassins Creed 3 for £9? DAAAMNN gotta go get that!. Max Payne 3 price isn't great though.. only cost me like £2.50 not that long ago from their sale.

CRAIG6671962d ago

Gonna try Mass effect, see what all the fuss was about...

UNGR1962d ago

Don't bother. After the the first game, which is a SciFi master piece, you'll be sorely disappointing by the sequels. If you pay very close attention to the details of the plot, and want the RPG hybrid, the first game is the only one giving you that. The next two are EA hack jobs. But if you really want to see a good game (even if there is no hope of a good sequel) get it, that and DA: Origins. Both of those are the "real" Bioware.

CRAIG6671962d ago

If the story is a let down in the following 2 I may just give it a miss, I can deal with half asred game play aslong as the story propels the experience,if not,what's the point!?

iRocket1962d ago

Actually, you should bother. For me it is one of my favourite singleplayer franchises ever. It introduces you to a rich and vast universe full of life and interesting new races and characters from these races. The two sequels are also very good, but some people still are bitter how the franchise ended. The story is still top-notch in sequels. I say definitely get it, if you're the least bit into sci-fi.

CRAIG6671962d ago

Done deal, you got me with "if you're the least bit into sci-fi" I am HUGELY into sci-fi/sci-fi horror.
At £4.50 no big loss if I don't get into it...

Pieman5231962d ago


CRAIG6671962d ago

Perhaps the best game ever, and I am gutted now I have finished EVERYTHING in it,all quests,characters,side missions,weapons,Easter eggs,achievements-everything.
Can't wait to see what they do with it next gen.

But back to the point, You're comment was lost on me? is it on sale too?

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