PALGN: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Review

PALGN writes: "There are plenty of Japanese RPGs that never reach our shores for a number of different reasons. Perhaps the publisher felt the game would be lost in translation, maybe the game didn't do so well in other regions, or maybe somebody just couldn't be bothered converting it for what is, let's face it, a much smaller market. Luckily however, some of these games do make it over here to the land of Oz, and recently the PS2 has seen a number of new games that have been received quite well despite the fact that most eyes are now cast on the future of its younger PlayStation 3 brother. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 is the latest import that's now available in stores for us Aussie-folk, and brings an interesting and unique combination of relationship-simulator and turn-based RPG fighting. Despite being available on an older platform, Persona 3 is one of the most enthralling RPGs that we've had the joy of playing through, even though it's one of the stranger gaming concepts we've encountered.

With such an interesting premise, it's sure to garner a lot of interest within the RPG community, and for the 'hardcore' RPG fans out there, they are probably very much aware of the Persona series already. For those not in the know - and there's probably quite a few of you considering the original PlayStation Persona games were never released over here. Persona has already had three games in its series thus far (the original Persona, and Persona 2 which was actually split into two more different games) that have all been well received critically and have a sort of cult following. While each game isn't properly connected to each other, the basic premise of the game remains the same: you play as a character who has access to multiple 'personas' which they can equip and use to fight with."

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