Preview of the four new maps coming out this week for Call of Duty 4 by Dustructoid

Destructoid writes: The new Call of Duty 4 maps are set to come out this week on April 3rd in a timed exclusive deal for the Xbox 360 (PS3 will get the new maps in three weeks and eventually for the PC version). Some lucky gamers got a chance to play on these new maps this past weekend prior to the release. Infinity Ward threw a few events around the world to promote the new maps and, um, Nerf Guns.

A few of our own here at Dtoid got a chance to play with the four maps and have C-Blogged their adventures. Hit the jump to read about what atheistium, Pedro, Phist, Husky Hog and Dead247 thought of the new map pack.

Out of all the events that took place, it looks like atheistium was at the best one. They went all out with the decorations with sandbags and even demolished cars surrounding the London event. The London event also had the best prize with a 52" TV up for grabs. atheistium also managed to get a lot of attention while at the event since she was the only one there with a vag."

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Jon Cage3761d ago

How many times will big daddy Microsoft pull out his wallet to be the first kid on the block with the new toy. Wait a minute... now I know where my $50 XBL money has gone.

On a serious note I am busting a nut in my pants in anticipation of playing these maps.

On a more serious note I am hardly ever serious.

NabsterX3761d ago

Hate it when they do that like a little spoiled brat that gets everything it wants, but hey its business wish sony could do more like that.

mariusmal3761d ago

i'm still deciding if im gonna get it. it has 3 indoor maps and i'm not very fond of indoor maps.

Nodoze3761d ago

Is anyone else getting sick and tired of microtransactions? Since the beginning of this generation we have been told how expensive it is to make these games. This is why the average game lengths have shrunk drastically (COD4 was around 5 hours for the SP). We were also told that due to the expense of making games for this generation, that they would be more expensive than the last at 59.99. I am ok with that. What I am not ok with is the constant pan handling with DLC. EA is really taking things far further than Infinity Ward and Activision are, but it is getting ridiculous.

With all of the money they have made from COD4, one would think they would say thanks by releasing the map pack for free (especially considering MS is already fronting cash for timed exclusivity).

Oh well.

c-redz3761d ago

10 bucks i wont be getting it i can tell ya that!!! i mean sh*t i got a map pack free for unreal!!!!