GamesBeat Threeview: The Last of Us reviewed by a critic, an analyst, and an academic

Everyone has zombies on the mind, and it’s not just because of the recently released World War Z film. Sony and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us crept onto the PlayStation 3 a couple of weeks ago to much fanfare from the enthusiast press and from gamers. But will that great word of mouth translate into retail success for the action-survival game?

And while everyone’s praising The Last of Us’ beautiful settings and gripping storytelling, what does an actual professor of game design think of the experience?

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Lovable1964d ago

"Unfortunately, as an Xbox 360 owner, I won’t get to play the game, but that won’t deter me from giving an analyst’s assessment."

Much like the majority of the Xbox fanboys in this site. LOL

Larry L1964d ago

I would hope these aren't considered serious reviews that get posted to metacritic. If so, that would be an "official" 8/10 from some jerk who opens the "review" by saying he's never played the game and likely never will........I mean WTF is this?! Metacritic freezes up my PS3's browser, I would LOVE for someone from here to check if that score is posted officially as critic scores for the game.

And as another point to show how rediculous and braindead this "analyst" is, he says summer is a BAD time to release a game and gamers don't want big games in the summer. Will I get banned for calling this guy a retard? If so, I won't. Summer is one of the best times for games imo, the industry just doesn't release much in those months for some reason (luckily digital releases ease the drought a bit these days).

The summer drought we always hear about is not something we gamers ask for. In the summer gamers spend alot of the heat of the day in air conditioned housing playing old games wishing big games released in the summer instead of all in the Fall and late Winter. I bet TLOU gets pretty nice sales over the summer. Did he really say it's only sold less than 1 million copies? For some reason I don't believe that when everywhere around here was sold out of it for like a week, and I'm in Rhode Island where there's like 5 gamestops on a 10 mile stretch of road and many more around the state. I'd bet it's over 2 million copies sold just in the States already.

And btw.......did I REALLY just read a review of a product written by an auther who said "I never used the product.". WTF is happening?

Sadie21001964d ago

The analyst isn't reviewing the game itself. He's reviewing the business side of the launch and the IP.