Xenoblade Novelisation: It’s Shulk’s Turn

oprainfall writes:

Dunban ran ahead of the other two so they wouldn’t see his struggle. He could feel the power of the Monado tugging on his mind, trying to make him to surrender control of his body. He gritted his teeth; that could not happen. Not after the events of Sword Valley; it had nearly killed him.

They reached the bridge leading out of the colony. The symbol on the Monado brightened, and more electricity ran from the blade to Dunban’s body. He cried out in pain, trying desperately to keep his grip on the sword. But the Monado flew out of his hand and slid across the bridge as Dunban fell forward on to his palms and began to choke.

“Dunban!” Reyn caught up to him and knelt down beside him; Dunban was shaking uncontrollably, breathing hard and fast. “You can’t take any more of the Monado!” he said firmly.

“But I must!” Dunban looked up at the sword lying in the middle of the bridge. “I don’t have a choice!” He coughed and stared at the ground; it was splattered in blood. He fell silent, shivering all over. Reyn stared at him, not quite sure what to do.

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