PSP slim modded for dual analog sticks

Been longing for a second analog stick on your PSP? Modder LordNico's got you covered with the Razor X (seriously, where do these guys come up with their names?), a user-installable analog stick that appears to mimic the functions of your standard four button pad. (In other words, getting the games to take advantage of the controls is another matter entirely.) Apparently details of the mod will be released soon enough for those brave enough to consider relocating their power switch to the start button -- yikes.

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Harry1903679d ago

actually compatible with the fps on
psp,it would be awesome.

Amanosenpai3679d ago

"user-installable analog stick that appears to mimic the functions of your standard four button pad"


Harry1903679d ago

all gun blazing to disagree
with my opinion?anyway,i still
think that two sticks would be better than one.

Amanosenpai3678d ago

I agree that 2 sticks would be better than one... "but" again... this mod wont work as a second stick... (like fps)

TrevorPhillips3679d ago

Having 2 duelshock sticks will be good for playing fps games on psp

clinker3679d ago

As I have pointed out many times on It is ridiculous that sony never added a second analogue stick to the PSP, ESPECIALLY when they had the chance with the slim model.

Skerj3679d ago

They didn't with the slim model because it would instantly split the userbase, it wouldn't have been a good idea from a business standpoint.

Bleucrunch3678d ago

agreeded some would feel cheated and that would be bad PR!

Sev3679d ago

It looks incredibly uncomfortable and pointless. Way too much work/risk for too little reward.

I am sure this Razor X just did it to do it.

I do have to admit, the guy is talented being able to think it up, then actually apply it and make it work... Definitely kudos for that.

I wonder what else this guy could put in/on a PSP...

Danja3679d ago

I would love to have a 2nd analog stick on my PSP..but i dunno how comfortable that would be also considering how the PSP is designed dont think it would work so well

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