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Submitted by Prcko 949d ago | article

"The Buck Stopped With Mattrick" Analysts Weigh In On The Strange Timing Of Don Mattrick's Departure

The rumor that spread like wildfire was quickly confirmed today, as social games company Zynga happily announced Don Mattrick as its new CEO. The news comes not long after Microsoft made a complete reversal on its restrictive Xbox One policies, causing some industry analysts to scratch their heads. (Don Mattrick, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

jb1276  +   949d ago
I'm not exactly on the XBox 1 band wagon atm... but if they try and blame all the recent "foot to mouth" moments on a single person... that would be misguided
georgeenoob  +   949d ago
"The foot to mouth" will never cease. These fanboys will always find the smallest problem and turn it into something it isn't. They showed the games, and they reversed drm, yet MS is still getting heat for something so stupid like a "forced" kinect?

And for Christ sake, why are we all acting like kinect 2.0 is just some sh*tty extra piece of hardware that's just going to sit there and stare at you? Yea, let's go ahead and ignore all of its capabilities and focus on the one negative feature it has which is staring at you despite kinect is an inanimate object.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   949d ago
" let's go ahead and ignore all of its capabilities"

You're honestly not aware that many of the same capabilities and promised features were also made for the first Kinect? It's not that the capabilities are bad. The issue is that Microsoft has yet to prove the Kinect is worth a dang three years after it launched, and that's a long time.
georgeenoob  +   949d ago
You shouldn't base your judgement off the first kinect.

Don't you think the reason the first kinect didn't live up to expectations was cause MS decided to focus on the second kinect instead?

Besides, unlike the first kinect it's bundled with every console giving it a more promising focus.
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ShinMaster  +   949d ago
It's still $100 more expensive for weaker hardware and a more expensive subscription service.

Doesn't matter the capabilities of Kinect when the games aren't any more immersive than EyeToy games. You're still highly limited by your own body's movement.
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Baka-akaB  +   949d ago
"You shouldn't base your judgement off the first kinect.

Don't you think the reason the first kinect didn't live up to expectations was cause MS decided to focus on the second kinect instead? "

Why ? isnt lying big time once enough already for him ?

And if your reasoning was true , it's even worse . he has to look forward to further broken promises to be filled on some 3rd version of kinect , alongside new other promises .
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jmc8888  +   949d ago
Because it is a piece of hardware that's going to stare at you, collect your info, and exploit you based on that info.

It's all part of M$'s plan.

I bet they even have projections on how much money they'll make by selling your data. Data thousands of corporations want in order to screw you to their advantage.

Then with the factual knowledge that M$ has been selling your privacy down the river for DECADES, hint before 9/11, and all the expansions since...people still doubt it?

Then you realize that even the NSA has it's computers owned by private corporations and you ask...who is watching the watchers....who are illegally watching us to begin with.

How many PC's have been affected by Microsoft telling the gov't about exploits so THEY could exploit it? Then on the back end a few months or years later they put those in their updates and literally try to scare you into updating. Think about that for a minute. It's SCARY important when they release the patch, but for all the time before it it's just fine for the gov't and anyone else that figured it out to exploit it for who knows how long.

They've had backdoors for the gov't in Windows software since Windows 95.

They readily give your web and email data over to the gov't.

But they say trust us, and millions of people don't stop to think about how much havoc someone with all this data can create, nor do they realize how easily it is that nefarious people can get a hold of it.

Snowden has proven that they didn't need a court order. In fact the overarching goal of the original Total Information Awareness was to intercept and record EVERY piece of electronic communication. All they did was change the name but the game was the same.

People just don't think. They don't understand that Insurance companies could charge people in total billions more a year from Kinect2 data.

This is just one example.

People are TRYING to figure out more because there's money to make in doing so.

Hell I bet you didn't even know that anti-virus companies and others will sell some of these 0-day exploit data to companies (think corporate espionage) or to other gov'ts.

Imagine that. If someone in the NSA chain sells a 0-day exploit to some country that could be used against's OK. But if Snowden tells people what is going on, he's a traitor?


Mattrick is just one part of the rot inside Microsoft. He fell on the sword. Might of got a nice golden parachute to do so.

Microsoft seems to have a corporate culture gone wild, filling it with psychos who have lost all touch with reality. But their leaders created that culture, because that's who THEY are. They've created their own corporate whacko groupthink.

Xbox One is a product of that. Windows 8 is a product of that. All their misplaced priorities have dragged them and their products down.

It doesn't help when they are outright lying to the public. That 'built-in drm' wasn't so built in...was it. The PC's running Xbox One games at E3...didn't have a Kinect2.

The problem with making crap up is that eventually that made up crap hits the reality fan and creates a mess everywhere.

Congratulations M$
badkolo  +   949d ago
so did sony they promised so much crap wioth the dildo wand and the camera, guess what, no one uses it, so lets not focus on ms cause sony pulled the same crap, remember rumble is old gen and we got the motion on ps3 that was used onmce, sony is just as bad as ms, its the fanboys that forgive sony for all the misteps they do, but ms makes a booboo and they all cry. grow up , JMC you sound like a broken record, do you actually think kinect 2 will come out with x12 and not work as promised, foolish child
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RyuCloudStrife  +   949d ago
I'm gonna purchase a PS4 if I want the camera I can purchase it aside if I want. Thanks to the camera not being bundled the PS4 is CHEAPER.

If a person wants kinect they can buy it separately instead of being forced to have it this is just to spy on you, plain truth.

Motion gaming should not be pushed down gamers throats.
kenshiro100  +   949d ago
Uh...Microsoft brought the negativity upon themselves. I know you want to wave your little pom poms around for Microsoft but they messed up.
jrbeerman11  +   949d ago
@ georgeenoob

you shouldnt judge kinect based on kinect?
The first one sucked because of the second one?

now i know your trolling
AngryTypingGuy  +   948d ago
No one is perfect. While the DRM thing proved to be awful for the PR of Xbox One, Mattrick has been great as a whole for the Xbox brand. And to his credit, he reversed the policies before he left, even though he probably didn't have to.

I know many people have a certain allegiance to one of the two companies, but it's in our best interest for both to remain strong competitors to each other. Without the competition, the PS4 would be $500, Xbox One would have DRM, and neither PS Plus or Xbox Live would give away any free games.
mewhy32  +   948d ago
This sounds awfully similar to what was promised with Kinect 1.0 and we all know how that has turned out....crap...comes to mind. This guy has gone to Zynga because he didn't have a choice. He screwed up the xbox brand so badly that it'll take years to recover. Now they're stuck with having to bundle the spy camera with the xbone which jacks the price up to 100.00 more than the more powerful yet less expensive PS4. I mean really. First you create a less powerful machine, then through in DRM, and require that you have a spy camera attached to it??????? What the "H" was this moron thinking? Of course he's gone.
nypifisel  +   948d ago
I wonder how well you did at school? In Sweden anyway we get to learn critical thinking, and if you apply this on the Xbox One it really is just terrible, a scientist would never trust such bad results. Don't forgive and forget, that's what they count on, they showed us all how they like to do business.

Xbox One just doesn't give you any great value, that's the conclusion I would come to as an informed consumer that makes educated decisions.
loulou  +   948d ago
yeah because everyone is interested in your pathetic insignificant lives

i can see clearly why kinect is there
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isa_scout  +   948d ago
Why not ignore it's so called capabilities? Microsoft ignored Kinect 1.0 on the 360, and only brought out a bunch of shovelware titles...Why would anyone want to spend money on something like a Kinect 2.0 when the first one failed to deliver any game changing experiences? I know, there use to be one collecting dust under my entertainment center until I sold it 3 months ago. Motion gaming is the single dumbest thing to come out of this industry in a long long time.The Oculus Rift withstanding of course because that thing looks crazy cool, but even with that it will all come down to one thing,support, show me the titles that I absolutely have to play with a kinect.Make the games so damn good that I'll wonder why I ever doubted the kinect, and then I'll reconsider.
showtimefolks  +   948d ago

its gonna be shitty kinect crappy games take that to the bank. why is MS forcing kinect 2 in each box when i have zero interest in it no matter what

you might like playing just dance but i don't, its called giving consumers options. Maybe some of you xbox fans know nothing about options since MS doesn't believe in offering options to its consumers

it was our bitching that made ms reverse its decision, but its because of people like you they thought they could get away with it to begin with

no developer or publishers will ever make a AAA kinect game none whatsoever. its for exercise,dance and family games and if you into that more power to you but why should i pay $100 extra when i know i will never use the device?

also just look at indie support for ps4 and than look at xbox one and that should tell you all you need to know, one company is doing/saying all the right things while the other says the wrong thing than will reverse and say something else
Dunpeal  +   949d ago
granted this guy might have good business acumen, but who puts this guy as the "face" of anything??

he looks like a goof in every pic plastered all over the web lol
BABY-JEDI  +   949d ago
He looks like an escape goat
Lockhart  +   949d ago
Or maybe a scapegoat.
solar  +   949d ago
this happens all the time, in any industry.
PSjesus  +   949d ago
Definitely not good timing for the one's future sake especially the new strategy isn't just an update they will change the whole system's software and security and the patch well be multigigas big.....even Sony fired Phil Harrison after a year and half
Masterdon   949d ago | Spam
finbars75  +   948d ago
You know what drives me crazy about the whole Don mattricks PR nightmare is the fact that if he didnt say anything about the xboxone information then guess what all you xbox fanboys would be in for a rude awakening come launch time.Think about it he really just did you guys a favor even if it was bad on his part.I gurantee that the xboxone would still have drm in it,you would have to have internet connection to play sp games ect.You honestly thing they would have dropped all those things from the xboxone if nothing was thankful this happened because im sure guys like Steve Ballmer wouldnt had said anything and this discussion wouldnt be taken place and there would be an outrage down the road which would be a little to late for changes that close to launch.MS are showing gamers there true colors now and im sure something will take place before release that will be frowned upon by the time xboxone is available.
GusBricker  +   949d ago
Enjoy Frontierville!

BTW, my mom hates you now, the game stole her horseshoes!
B-radical  +   949d ago
Lol my mum plays that crap to i remember she got angry because they were ending one of her fave zynga games lol

As far as im concerned xbox has got better he alone had the power to put his foot down against always online yet he didnt till it was to late
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Soldierone  +   949d ago
He left to be a CEO. With Ballmer pretending the company is struggling due to everyone but himself, why not leave where you are secure for a bit?

Zynga is going down the drain, so not the brightest of choice. However he will get to milk the position for a few million dollars for a year or two before Zynga completely goes belly up. Even EA has no interest in Zynga. lol
Shellcase  +   949d ago
Yesssssssss he's gone...
Kantankoras  +   949d ago
Maybe Microsoft is doing what they did with Nokia - inserting a puppet CEO to reign in their connections and developers and making them go to work with MS.

Zynga could be the lead developers on Xbox One's exclusive in-house free games, like RareWare was doing with 1 vs 100 and those other products on 360.
komp  +   948d ago
Good call.
BuffMordecai  +   949d ago
Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.
Hueynewton2012  +   949d ago
Hrrrmmmmmm Microsoft's Xbox 360 is in dead last regarding world wide sales(currently)only because current gen isnt over with. He mismanaged PR for a un released system during the biggest tech convention in the world. How does he land a CEO position of any kind? IMO he left for Zynga before he was fired or "scapegoated" in his eyes. Last time i read an article about Zynga they laid off a large amount of employees. So he left the hardcore consumer for casual mobile consumers..... he must know this is a down grade professionally.

Anyway I'm going to keep my 360 and pass on the Xbox one. I may pass on both systems for al least the first months after the initial release. Other than GFX quality something doesn't seem right.
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MysticStrummer  +   949d ago
The Mattrick: Unloaded
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solar  +   949d ago
well played. /golf clap
MikeyDucati1  +   949d ago
I don't have enough knowledge on the situation to comment as to what is happening. But best believe, there is more happening that what appears on the surface. That information is exclusive to only a few ears...
SonyRules  +   949d ago
How come nobody is talking about how good DRM may have been for the games? I can put myself in a developers shoes and I think it would be nice to get the money for the sales of my games. I personally would rather have the money we spend on games going to the developers so they can make even better games rather than the money going to gamestop.
B-radical  +   949d ago
It would of been great it probally is the future. Future being when everyone has fibre optics and more countrys have internet coverage
DARK WITNESS  +   949d ago
you really think all that money from drm will go to the dev's out of the kindness of the publishers hearts?

lets be real. the money will go to the fat cats right at the top of the publishers pockets.

a small % if any will go to the devs and for whatever money they may have gained from some sales not going second hand they will lose from people who would have traded in other titles to buy their title new. what they think they are winning by crewing second hand sales in one and they are losing right out of the other hand because that cicle will not fun the purchase of their games.

Everyone seems to assume that we are so stupid if there was no second hand market we would still be going out and buying the games brand new regardless.

only the most hardcore of gamers that have the budget will do that. most other people will simply buy less new games and only stick to the one or two games they are 100% sure they will enjoy for the long run and not take as much of a risk buying new games they are not sure about.

They have been making games for the last 30 years just fine. now they are spending more money on marketing then actually developing quality games they are loosing sales because nobody wants to buy the shit they are putting out so they are trying to find ways to make up that little extra cash and blaim it on second hand market.

Like Nintendo and the Take2 guy said, if they made great games nobody would be trading them in and there would not be any need for drm.
SonyRules  +   949d ago
Hopefully there are enough people like me who can buy games and support the industry that games continue to get much better. Those who have to go around the industry and give their money to gamestop instead should be hoping so as well.
xRedline  +   948d ago
"lets be real. the money will go to the fat cats right at the top of the publishers pockets."

I'll be real. You know, at least it would be going towards the industry, instead of landing in GameStop's lap.

We have entitlement problems when it comes to the used game issue. Movies and music have alternative ways to make money, even well after their release. Games have retail and then developers hope to God people buy some DLC, all the while being undercut by GameStop. We see $60 price points on most retail games because of this. People are too short sighted to see the reality and instead go into defense mode about their rights, all while crying fowl at increased DLC.

Someone who is constantly buying used and not retail are giving their support to GameStop, not the ones who made the game.

It's okay to fill GameStop's pockets, but according to you, it's wrong to fill the publisher and developer pockets, the ones actually in the industry we love so much.

Seems legit. :P
Soldierone  +   949d ago
It'd be nice if the money ever went to the developers, but it doesn't. The developers don't want DRM, the PUBLISHERS do. And the publishers are the ones that get the money.....

There are plenty of developers that openly don't care for DRM.....
MacUser1986  +   949d ago
Any one remember when the Dreamcast launched? I recall a Peter Moore and Jay Alerd leaving shortly after.

d_dogg2007  +   949d ago
We all know how the Dreamcast turned out don't we? Granted it was acutally ahead of it's time and no consumer rights raping!
dedicatedtogamers  +   949d ago
I remember another big wig at SEGA leaving the company just a few months prior to the Dreamcast launching, actually. Bernie Stolar was his name.
buynit  +   949d ago
That explains Everything!
BattleAxe  +   949d ago
I'm glad he didn't go to EA to mess things up worse than they are already.
trywizardo  +   949d ago
see MS really care about people ... a lot of people hated his comments and feedback's so they fired him
good job MS
RememberThe357  +   949d ago
These are supposed to be analysts yet half of them can't figure out that Mattrick got to boot for completely botching the XBone revel? I'm sure MS facilitated his move as well. I've never liked the guy, he always seemed plastic, but it's cool to see him get an other shot so soon after such a huge cluster f***.
itspeaks  +   949d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if we see a completely new Zynga. ONE that is completely driven by its consumer base. A LIVE and interactive Zynga which learns and adapts quickly to what the customers want. A Zynga which will be KINECTED*, allowing players to interact in real time and share their ACHIEVEMENTS. Seriously though, we might see an Android home console from Zynga which connects you to your online games. This could be really interesting.
just-joe  +   949d ago
Tell people to a Xbox 360 instead aaaaaand he's gone.
Jamaicangmr  +   949d ago
It's not all Mr. Mattrick
Get rid of Mr. Ballmer too and you got a real shot. Vote his ass out. I know daddy Gates must be just shaking his damn head at what Mr. Ballmer has done with his company.

He should be running a car dealership not one of the more important companies in the world. He has no damn clue.

Windows 8 *Cringe* Then windows 8.1 start button con? Upsetting.
Jdoki  +   949d ago
Step up Phil Harrison...

There's only two ways this could have gone...

1. Mattrick was leaving long before the XBOne debacle. Senior people normally have to give significant notice periods. Easily 6 months.

2. Mattrick got the boot, but was allowed a tactical withdrawal, and got the Zynga job - but that would still take some time. CEO's are not recruited overnight so I would imagine he knew he was going before E3.

I'd definitely say it's #2, as if he was leaving by choice then a successor would have been announced long ago. Every large company has robust succession plans to ensure continuity.

I would hope that Phil Harrison is given Mattricks old role. Then they'd have a chance of winning me back as a customer.
windblowsagain  +   948d ago
Phil is a triple agent.
Denethor_II  +   949d ago
He looks so sweet and innocent in that picture.

In all honesty what we're seeing with Xbox is quite unprecedented. The announcement of all these "features" that nobody reacted well to at all. Started with the core(reacting badly), but has definitely trickled down to your more average consumer. Then to do a complete 180, and now this.....what a mess.
Prcko  +   949d ago
one big happy kid
cell989  +   948d ago
Don Mattrik just pissed me off
SonyAddict  +   948d ago
did you just confess to using playstation move as a dildo?
that is just plain disgusting!.
peslover  +   946d ago
If the kinect projects the screen around your room aking you feel like your in the game i dont mind paying extra over the ps4, im also not bothered if it requires constant internet who doesnt have internet these days?

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