Dear Microsoft, You've Finally Lost My Respect

Microsoft has been hard at work promoting the Xbox One - er, well not promoting it, so much as launching campaigns to tarnish the PS4's name.

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Smoovekid1966d ago

They lost my respect with Windows 8.

Genesis51966d ago

I know I do my gaming on Pc and on PS3. Windows 8 is a horrible mess. They really need to fix it somehow.

dedicatedtogamers1966d ago

It doesn't surprise me to see articles like this (gaming sites simply reflect the general feeling of their readers, typically).

What surprises me is how long it took.

None of Microsoft's recent behavior is new, it's simply more pronounced. Why people respected Microsoft in the first place is beyond me. They've always expressed their goal of being in the gaming market to take over the living room.

dark-hollow1966d ago

I liked windows 8.

Its faster, way more efficient and organised.

The metro layout sucks on pc, but for laptops with touch, hybrids its awesome.

1966d ago
gamer78041966d ago

I don't see why all the hate on windows 8, even if you don't like the tile interface, there is no denying it is a much faster operating system, so if you like windows 7, you should inherently like windows 8. there is still the desktop experience you can customize to your hearts content , blue 8.1 will add built in features to do what you can already make windows do outside of metro.

papashango1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Windows 8 is the OS where they try to push their own agenda. Windows 9 is when they go back to what the consumer wants.

It's a pattern that continuously repeats itself.

The_HarryEtTubMan1966d ago

I used to think it was just Sony fanboys hating competition when I was a 360 gamer, but it took me seeing what they tried to pull with the Xbox One to realize MS is a cancer.

kreate1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

The thing is... we don't need windows 8.

Xp and win7 pretty much got everything covered.

Hopefully google makes a os for desktop pc so I can switch to something other than windows.

If not, they gotta stop making windows for a while.

Lets stay with 7 for a while longer.

I don't want to hear news about windows 9 next year

badz1491966d ago

I just don't like it!

for tablet/smartphones...sure it looks different from Android and iOS but on laptops and pcs, it's just a mess and a resource hog at that too! if your laptops and pc monitors aren't touch type, which consist of the MAJORITY of Win users out there, Win 8 tiles are nothing more but over-sized desktop icons which in itself is annoying!

sure, you can revert back to the natural Win look with the Start why didn't just stick with that in the 1st place?? Win 7 is all you need and seeing how so many are against Win 8 - hey don't flame me, the decline of laptop/pc market is proof of this! ask Dell, Samsung and any other manufacturer if you like and they will tell you the same thing, but M$ is starting to limit Win 7 with Win 8.1 (& Xbone) exclusivity of DX11.2...they are 'forcing' people to upgrade and #dealwithit!

mewhy321966d ago

Micro$oft lost my respect with the DRM issue. Even though they've done a 180 it's too late. It showed what they really thought of the gamers out there and how low their opinions were of us. Shame on you Micro$oft, shame on you.

-SIXAXIS-1966d ago

@kreate: Google already has a desktop OS called Chrome OS. The reason it hasn't really taken off though (IMO) is because it relies heavily on having internet access. All your applications and files live on their servers, basically making your computer useless unless you have an active internet connection.

Braid1966d ago

I can't understand the hate towards Windows 8. It's not as innovative as XP, and Windows Vista was a total disaster in terms of performance, I can agree with those. But Windows 8 looks well, works well, performs well on games.

I'm using 8.1 user preview right now and it's quite stable. It finally boots up quite fast, which was a major drawback when compared to Mac OS X (which I believe is still superior). But is it something to "hate"? I don't think so.

I mean the "start button" controversy... really? There are softwares that bring your mighty start button back if you're so missing it.

Cueil1966d ago

@badz149 now you're just showing your butt... Windows 8 is actually smaller and less resource intensive then Windows 7. Not only that it's memory management is better

DragonKnight1966d ago

How many of you read the article? There are plenty of stupid comments in the article to talk about. Like the continued idea that Microsoft were bringing us into the future with their DRM and Sony are bad because they don't have DRM. What?

kreate1966d ago


i know they got os for phones/tablets but i didnt know it was for a pc. hopefully they make one so that its similar setup as windows.

malokevi1966d ago

Microsoft: "Dear Nolan Albert: We care?"

What a slanted spiel. In spite of this guys... eherm... "opinions"... the XB1 is going to be an awesome gaming console. Period.

"Respect" is going to mean less and less to this fool when there is epic amounts of fun to be had, and he's still clinging to his half-baked principals.

Utalkin2me1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

They lost my respect with the Xbox360. And thats why i do not let people or a companies take advantage of me. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

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Swiggins1966d ago

Can't wait till Windows 9 when they fix everything and then act like you should be happy that they're charging you for it.

I swear every other window's OS is a beta test for the next one.

Eddie201011966d ago

Everyone by now should know that every other windows operating system is a cash grab for Microsoft. ME, Vista, Windows 8.

Autodidactdystopia1965d ago

I think ME is closest the the complete garbage that windows 8 is.

performance may be better but you'll be needing that to navigate their hyper confusing new

truthteller1966d ago

Windows 8 was made for tablets. MS said that Win 7 is for PCs...stop complaining

Smoovekid1966d ago

Then why did they put it on PC?

jmc88881966d ago

No, they've been selling Windows 8 as an all in one type of OS. can link your smartphone with your PC.

Yeah, but I only tolerate the horrible versus PC interface because it's a phone.

My PC isn't a phone. It isn't a tablet.

When are people going to hit them that their Xbox 180 and their Windows 8.1 still doesn't address most of their complaints.

Kinect2 is still required for the Xbox One
Windows 8.1 still doesn't have all the Windows 7 features

What truthteller doesn't realize is that to M$, it doesn't matter that your PC isn't a smartphone. They said that their metro ui and interface was THE FUTURE. (why is that everyone that wants us to backtrack talks about THE FUTURE...because its propaganda)

People are catching on that their potential console has been botched. They focused their precious time creating unnecessary casual features that most casuals don't care about.

You mean I can surf through cable better using a voice interface?

NOPE. Good luck screaming at your xbox to cycle through a guide. You know where you hit the button that goes up five channels on the guide at a time since you can scan it and move on.

The remote control will still be much faster in perusing and selecting a channel.

It's stupid stuff like this that Microsoft has done. Not focus on the actual hardware and games, but worrying about how to reinvent the remote an inferior fashion, a completely useless feature.

Again what if my fantasy football league isn't through NFL.COM? What about people in other countries? What other sports are they doing it with?

Their so called new features they spent all this time on, are worthless. Now they are scrambling to actually get the console out, and RRoD part 2 I see ahead.

buckley1966d ago

Well that's a classic example of an apologist.

MarkusMcNugen1966d ago

So hate Windows 8 and Kinext 2.0 and dont purchase them if you dont like them. Kinect 2.0 being mandatory isnt necessarily a bad thing. One of the main reasons devs didnt utilize it and people found it a gimmick was because it was an optional add-on. Where is the motivation to develop features for something the majority of your audience will not use? What features is Windows 8.1 missing that Windows 7 has? A start menu? Dont like Metro? Get the free software for a start button, or better yet learn some shortcuts in 5 minutes and you never have to use the Modern UI again. Or dont purchase Windows 8.

Talking about the future or your products is not propaganda. They were trying to unify the experience for all their devices into one coherent ecosystem. Apps developed for modern UI would be available on your Windows 8 phone, Surface tablet, Xbox One, and PC. Its a noteworthy attempt and a great idea for deving purposes, however it probably could have been done in a better way; resizable metro apps pinned to parts of the screen on the desktop is one example for the Windows desktop environment.

You think the features they developed was a waste of time. Thats a personal opinion. Judging by the number of Kinects sold last gen and users of Skype, Im sure plenty of people will find enjoyment from these services. Perhaps just not you.

Yeah, it may be easier to use a remote control for naivgation. Although its possible that with a flick of your arm or hitting the right bumper on the controller will do the exact same thing. They are a software company after all... this doesnt seem like much of a stretch. Also seems a lot more convienent to just say "Xbox Watch Fox" or "Xbox Watch Family Guy" rather than having memorize the numbers for every channel or scrolling through the guide trying to find one channel. Considering the voice recognition of the first kinect, I have to imagine kinect 2.0 will be even better at it considering the hardware and software improvements that have been made.

The NFL fantasy football feature isnt for you. Are you really making the argument that because a software feature doesnt appease every single user that its worthless? You sir would do well to stay out of the software industry, you can never appease all customers.

RROD part 2 eh? Its possible, then again so is manufacturing problems for the PS4. The possibillity exists that not every single console has been manufactured and tested perfectly and some will get YLODs. This is a normal part of manufacturing, and has some complex formulas that accompany it.

Now you may be saying to yourself, this guy must be a microsoft fanboy. Hell no. They have made a lot of crappy products and services throughout the years. Windows Vista was worthy of the hate it recieved, and Windows ME is the worst OS to ever exist period. Hotmail has always been a crappy email service, and Windows Messenger was crap for the last 8 years. Their windows mobile OS was an atrocity that never should have been made (No I am not talking about Windows Phone 7 or 8, I mean Windows Mobile OS.

Every company takes risks and produces some crap products. Sony fills their laptops with tons of useless bloatware, and for the longest time was putting rootkits on their own laptops.

Its clear from looking at your previous comments that you absolutely hate microsoft and want to manufacture as much artifical hate for the company as possible. You dont like their recent products, I get it and that is fine. I dislike Apple products and really hate the company, but I respect what they have accomplished and dont dog on them every single chance I get because I hate some of their products.

DragonKnight1966d ago

"Kinect 2.0 being mandatory isnt necessarily a bad thing."

Yeah it is. Name one reason why a console should be unable to function without a camera add on?

"One of the main reasons devs didnt utilize it and people found it a gimmick was because it was an optional add-on."

No, people found it to be a gimmick because it was Microsoft's answer to the Wiimote and devs didn't use it because it sucked. It's as simple as that. The only games the Kinect would function well on were dance games.

"Where is the motivation to develop features for something the majority of your audience will not use?"

What makes you think people will use the Kinect 2.0 anyway? Just because it'll be on doesn't mean it'll be used.

"Judging by the number of Kinects sold last gen and users of Skype, Im sure plenty of people will find enjoyment from these services. Perhaps just not you."

How many of those Kinect sales were bundles again? Skype is free and unnecessary on a console that already had a good enough chat system. How many people do you know that said "gee, I wish I could Skype while watching tv?"

"Also seems a lot more convienent to just say "Xbox Watch Fox" or "Xbox Watch Family Guy" rather than having memorize the numbers for every channel or scrolling through the guide trying to find one channel."

What? For starters, it's painfully obvious that the Kinect 2.0 will have problems with the voice command. I predict many a video of people showing how many times they have to yell to get it to work properly. Secondly, memorize numbers? You act as though that's such a difficult inconvenience. People memorize phone numbers for goodness sake.

I understand that you're trying to play Devil's Advocate, but some of your points are pretty terrible. Just before Microsoft's console reveal, most were going into it with an open mind hoping that MS would make the console gamers would line up to buy. But since their reveal up until this very day, they've proven that their interest is not in the people that built the Xbox brand from nothing to nearly 100 million total console sales across 2 generations.

Microsoft are doing it wrong this time. Sorry, but it's true. The 360 is more of a gaming console than the Xbox One right now. And that's pretty sad.

MikeMyers1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

"The 360 is more of a gaming console than the Xbox One right now. And that's pretty sad."

Sad for who, you? The same person who continued to trash the Xbox 360? Most people would have simply moved on, started talking about things they are interested instead of meddling with Xbox fans on daily basis telling everyone what trash game systems Microsoft releases. You know who does that? Trolls and fanboys.

We've already witness a bunch of games for the Xbox One yet you've somehow come to the conclusion the Xbox One is less of a game system than the Xbox One because it has Kinect? Why would anyone take your input seriously when you've done nothing but bash the Xbox 360 and carried that ignorance to the Xbox One?

Microsoft has more games in development now than at any time in the Xbox history. I think Sony fans feel threatened otherwise they would just ignore it. They dropped DRM for disc based games so they don't even have that angle anymore to hold onto that it will somehow affect the PS4. What's left, Kinect 2 will be so popular that Sony will be forced to make their camera mandatory? Must be some reason to keep trolling Xbox One articles because the choice is clear, buy the PS4 if you hate the Xbox One so much.

DragonKnight1965d ago

@Mike: Are you ever going to understand that I don't give a damn what you are saying to me because as soon as I see your name replying to me the first thing I'll ever think of replying to you with is the question you're afraid to answer? That being why do you persist to follow me around everywhere seeking only to oppose everything I say like an immature child after you were restricted for commenting for 2 days?

Or is that question simply too complicated for you to understand? Pay attention: You are wasting everyone's time here. I will never reply to any question you ask, any jab you make, any troll attempt you spew because you are too afraid to answer a simple question yet continue to follow me around like a lost puppy. Any other person would understand what "wasting time" is except you.

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mistertwoturbo1966d ago

People respected Microsoft?

fermcr1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Another article by a Sony raging blind fanboy !!!

Seriously!!! Enough with these stupid fanboy articles. How do these articles always get approved ?

So Microsoft launched campaigns to tarnish the PS4's name ? Seriously !!! Every company launches campaigns to promote their product, and many times they compare their product to the competition's products, saying, GOD FORBID, that their product is better then the competition... every company does this, and yes, even Sony does it.

EDIT: Aren't you the smart one! If it's not to be read, then don't put it on N4G. These articles just show how low fanboys can go.

Smoovekid1966d ago

If you think that they are stupid then don't read or comment on them.

nolander641966d ago

Yes. But most companies also try to say why theirs is a better product, not just why the other product isn't actually as good as you think it is. And if N4G didn't allow opinions, I don't think they'd have an "opinion article" category.

fermcr1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Yes, N4G has a "opinion article" category, but this is a "article" about a fanboy raving about. If you consider this a valid "opinion piece", then why don't we put on N4G all the "opinion articles" made by raging fanboys we encounter in the internet. N4G is going to be full of lovely "opinion piece's"

YNWA961966d ago

Not a Sony lover, but his profile at bottom contradicts.... Sony not interested in money it seems, just want to see how many people release commandos every time they speak...

karl1966d ago

c mon m8.. sony is to busy talking about the ps4 to waste time talking about the xbox one.

i totally agree with u.. but if there is anything positive about the console why not talk about it?

they keep talking about ps4 and changing policies cuz they have nothing to show for that brick.

they have to equal the xbox to the ps4 as much as possible before launch and since its an inferior piece of tech... they can only keep advertising the amazing power of the cloud.

besides .. they are the pricks that tried to push DRM on us... why not let them be burn till launch by this articleS?

seriously i wouldnt normally approve..but they kinda deserve a hundred articles about how they suck every week .. just soo no one misses it

creatchee1966d ago


"c mon m8.. sony is to busy talking about the ps4 to waste time talking about the xbox one."

Did you miss the part of their E3 conference where they went out of their way to announce no DRM, no check-ins, and no used game restrictions AKA to say that they wouldn't be doing what Microsoft was doing (at the time)? Or perhaps you missed that video about how to share PS4 games with your friends?

karl1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )


u got me there..
i was totally trolling in that first sentence..

ok, you are right.. but since MS is in the shitty side of things right now, it kinda looks as a desperate move to save themself and it only makes them look worse

SONY has made a direct attack to MS during E3 but i believe it was justified ..

it won them E3.. and the advantage they got was huge..

i dont see the point in MS mentioning sony and comparing themself to the ps4.. it wont do them any good ... they should focus on TV, sports, the exclusives they have, kinect and well...

appeal to those who are interested in that.. they may replace millions of gamers with ppl who want those things... and sell even better than the playstation.. who knows?

they need to just shut up and keep doing what u did during E3...

Groo1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )


Its not about bashing on the competition, its about how you treat consumers. MS has no class, they bash on the people that won't support them just like they do with the competition. I don't hear about Sony going around talking trash about gamers, Sony's stance is to give the Gamers what they want and REALLY listening to consumer feedback as well as Developers, not once have I heard or read MS say that.. MS started out by saying this is how we are gonna do things (DRM) and throwning Publishers under the bus by saying its up to the publishers if they want to use the DRM policies, MS's stance is, This is our product, this is the features it has, if you dont like it FU. Its a shame..

Elwenil1966d ago

@ creatchee

That's funny, I don't remember Sony mentioning Microsoft or any Microsoft product during either of those two statements. Do you? They didn't outright put the competition down, they simply showed an alternative that their product was capable of. Microsoft constantly talking about the PS4 specs and how they don't matter is about akin to a dirty politician talking trash about the competition at election time.

Just my .02

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Lionsguard1966d ago

It'll be a terrible day in hell if games become windows 8 only.

superterabyte1966d ago

If I was a Pc gamer I would probs commit suicide =/. But I'm not so doesn't bother me that much. PC gamers will find a route out of it anyway like they did with Vista.

MarkusMcNugen1966d ago

This wont happen unless game developers choose to make their games DirectX 11.2 only. In which case that is on the devs, not Microsoft. Devs always have the option of supporting multiple versions of DirectX, which can be seen with most PC games today. They let you choose which version to use.

dark-hollow1966d ago

Another fanboish opinion piece. Alright we get it. N4G hates the Xbox one.
Do we need 100000 articles repeat the same thing? It's like an echo chamber.

The_HarryEtTubMan1966d ago

I know you don't believe it's only n4g that hates the Xbone. I suggest you take a look around the web and the cultural shift among gamers and media on IGN, Gametrailers, YouTube, Neogaf and every negative article n4g links from to truly understand the anti-Xbox sentiment the gaming community is expressing.

superterabyte1966d ago

The only people who still like the Xbone are dudebros from 'Merica. People who are irrational and delusional beyond belief.

SkyGamer1965d ago

Keep saying that when all you have left are the big publishers and you have no variety in games as all the smaller studios have gone bankrupt. So what happens to your precious gaming then? Oh and sony respects the gamer? Are you freaking kidding? Go get another job to help us pay for the ridiculous r&d for ps3. Sure sony was thinking about you on that 600 price tag... so lame, I'm going to delete my n4g account. Same old bs. Condemn this site. No take backs.

Mounce1966d ago

They lost my respect at Windows ME, you think Windows 8 was the first shitty Windows OS?

ME, Vista, and then 8, I'll likely feel the same to this apparent 'Windows 8.1 or 8.2' or whatever the hell it is.

buckley1966d ago

This. This this this this this.

I worked in PC repair when Windows ME came out. We called it Windows Migraine Edition.

XP was great. Then Vista was a travesty. Then 7 was great again. Now 8 is crappy but only really because of the Metro interface. And if you load up a 3rd party start menu like classicshell (which is free), you never need to see Metro again. The OS as a whole gets a bad rap because the changes under the hood are quite good.

8 has nothing on ME or Vista

Mounce1966d ago

@buckley - Glad there's another who understands the pains I had to go through with ME.

Don't forget, Windows 2000 was GREAT! When 2000 replaced ME for me? Was like heaven, or at least was so common and basic that in comparison to ME, it made 2000 just look like pure gold at the time.

MarkusMcNugen1966d ago


Well said my man. Too many people hate on Windows 8 simply because of the Metro UI. The OS is actually really great, its just Metro that is clunky. Kudos and bubs to you for being one of the more rational and knowledgeable people to comment.

cyguration1966d ago

Even Windows 8 didn't have the respect of Microsoft, which is why they used Windows 7 to power their games at E3, lol

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

windows 8.1 > win8

They did a 180 on that start button.

Red_Devilz1966d ago

They lost my respect with Win Vista

YNWA961966d ago

Just like when PS3 came out, Sony tried to diss the competition, but ended up flat on its face. But it seems Sony is allowed to make mistakes and be forgiven, but MS gets hammered no matter what they say or do? Personally I wish MS stuck to everything it announced at E3, minus the 24 hour check in, but however, turned out to be a bad day for gaming, and a good day for the kleenex generation...

1966d ago
KingKevo1966d ago

Isn't that what MS always does? Alternating between good and bad?

XP = good, Vista = bad, 7 = good, 8 = bad, so is 9 = good?

And also: Xbox = bad, 360 = 'good' (it was ok, but not too good, especially in the last few years (personal opinion)), Xbone = bad, Xbox 2 (?) = good? WHO KNOWS

MarkusMcNugen1966d ago

Windows 8 is not bad. People just hate the Modern UI on PCs without touch monitors. Its actually a good OS under the hood. A lot of improvements were made that werent Modern UI.

The Xbox One isnt even released yet. At least wait till its out before claiming its bad...

MizTv1966d ago

After 2007 I just game up on xbox

2cents1966d ago

I hit my breaking point, though, with their latest foray into “Xbox One advertising.” On June 28, Albert Penello, head of product planning at Xbox, told OXM that hardware specs are “meaningless,”

erm, he said this right after the may launch... fool

Just another wate of space fanboy opinion piece talking absolute trash about Xbox.
Whine whine whine, waa waa waa, boo hoo hoo. Just go and play your PS3 and shutup

RM-TatoTiburon1966d ago

i love windows 8, i don't miss the start button, it's realy fast and stable

RM-TatoTiburon1966d ago

easy, it's fast the boot time are amazing specialy with a ssd disk, all my games plays realy good, it's stable and secure i don't even need an external antivirus or firewall, the metro app are fast and simple and i love how it integrate all my services with my lumia's a lot better than win7

SDS Gamerfiend1966d ago

Yes you've lost my respect and I've run over to the open arms of PS4!

d3nworth11966d ago

Dude dont even get me started on windows 8. I had to reinstall the damn thing 3 times in less than a year cuz there is always some random issue. My other laptop is 4 years old, run vista and I cant tell the last time I had a problem with it. With windows 8 the first time it crashed then couldn't boot up, the second time it would boot up but wouldn't let me run any apps or open any programs the third time it said it couldnt load Net Framework and a couple of my programs need that to run. The sad part is at E3 MS were showing off xbox one game running on PC with windows 7. They dont even have faith in their own OS.

chrismichaels041966d ago

Unfortunately for Microsoft, articles and opinion pieces like these are becoming normal among the majority of the gaming community. MS has completely screwed up the introduction of the Xbox One and all of their flip flopping and poor communication with the gaming public only continues to hurt their image and reputation.

MS seems very confused right now about what direction they are trying to go with Xbox One and seeing their top executive jump ship didnt help matters any. MS needs to take a step back and focus on getting their act back together.

DOOMZ1965d ago

This article lost my respect!

jaseo1965d ago

As an amiga gamer back in the 80s, dos and windows 3.11 for workgroups seemed so archaic and ugly. It's strange to me that microsoft has generated some cool factor in the eyes of some.

Thomaticus1965d ago

The only way to fix Windows 8 is with a new Operating System...from Android!

Knushwood Butt1965d ago

They lost mine with RROD, not that I had much respect for them in the first place.