Bandit Gaming: Resident Evil 2 GBA Tech Demo To Be Released Soon

Triverse writes, "While many gamers are aware of the Resident Evil game that was headed to the Game Boy Color, how many know that there was a company in Italy that took it upon themselves to port Resident Evil 2 to the Game Boy Advance, without permission apparently. While it was a tech demo, something developers use to show off their skills to publishers in hopes of getting work, it is still quite cool to see it running on the GBA. Big thanks to for the heads up."

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hduce1990d ago

Pretty cool. It actually looks good for a Game Boy Advance game.

TongkatAli1990d ago

GBA is epic. Megaman Zero games were mind blowing to me.

triverse1990d ago

This same team also did a level "tech demo" for Metal Gear Solid on GBA. It is not much but it is a demonstration of the engine used for this version of RE2.

If anyone is interested, I can get a news post for the MGS level written up (it is just a Youtube video).

DarkBlood1990d ago

im semi mind boggled at how thats possible on the gba but awesome none the less

triverse1989d ago

I was quite surprised when I found out about this title having been ported to GBA, even if unofficially. Imagine if Capcom had taken the time to port it themselves.