IGN: Game of the Year Watch: The Last of Us vs. BioShock Infinite

Six months into 2013, it's time to take stock of the best games of the year so far

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dedicatedtogamers1993d ago

Nah, both of these games are fantastic but we all know that all the major sites are going to go ga-ga over GTA5 and ignore everything else that comes out this year. That said, I think both of these games deserve a few nominations and a few GotY wins.

piroh1993d ago

Game of the Year: maybe GTA5, who cares?

Game of the generation: The Last Of Us... just finished the game, "perfect" is a weak word for it

G20WLY1993d ago

So true! TLOU beats Bioshock for me. I loved both, but it's not very close run in my opinion.

TLOU feels fresh and you can't knock the impact it's having for a new IP, especially being only on one platform. If it was multiplat, more people would agree, but alas, some will play 'sides'...

(See rest of comments where historically anti-PS guys say along lines of "Bioshock is way better", when you know they're unlikely to have played TLOU...)

To play TLOU, is to love it, as long as people are honest. But as you say, gamers and critics alike, love to heap praise on R* games, so I'd bet on GTA5 even at this point!

Kingthrash3601993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

short answer, tlou killed everything so far this year.
long answer tlou killed everything so far this year including a great game like bioshock.
one question....what if killzone ps4 or watchdogs are great? gtav? still tlou is my easy pick so far....but tge year is only half over.

badboy7761993d ago

GAME OF The Year so Far: The Last Of Us

My Favorite Game: Ni No Kuni!!!

Mr Tretton1993d ago

lol, KZ SF will not win goty. It won't even win fps of the year.

I also think Watch Dogs is going to be disappointing.

Kingthrash3601993d ago

.........okayyyy......since your have the power to see the future....can you hook a brotha up with the lotto numbers?! broke and free money is needed.

Prcko1993d ago

both games are pretty epic(didn't tried tlou) but bioshock is so good

CaptainSheep1993d ago

You... haven't tried TLoU?! What are you doing, bro?! Get out there and get yourself a copy of that game! xD

Prcko1993d ago

well i don't have money to buy it :/

G20WLY1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Sell a kidney to finance TLOU purchase, man - I hate to see a fellow gamer missing out! :P

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Lovable1993d ago

GTA V is coming out guys..we all know it gets free pass...

For me, TLOU is easily the best game this gen so far at least.

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