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Parting shots: how six celebrity developers met their demise

OXM UK: "It's heart-breaking when a development studio responsible for a game or series that you love closes down. Often, you'll remember them for the good times - the stand-out, stellar high points of their career - and not the decisions or titles that ultimately doomed them. Inevitably though, some studios come to be defined by their final release." (38 Studios, Ensemble Studios, Grin, Industry, Pandemic Studios, Team Bondi, TimeGate Studios)

MikeyDucati1  +   479d ago
I enjoyed L.A. Noire.
brettyd  +   479d ago
One of my favorite games this gen.
SilentNegotiator  +   479d ago
Is Team Bondi really a "celebrity developer", though? Granted, they received the automatic extra-enthused approval that anything remotely Rockstar-related seems to get from the press, but they only created ONE game before falling apart ~5 months later.

IDK, that just seems a bit hasty, calling them "celebrity developers"
MikeyDucati1  +   479d ago
I guess that title was given because Brendan.
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Geovanny  +   479d ago
I miss Pandemic studios. They had good titles.
FSAB   479d ago | Spam
Wni0  +   479d ago
Free radical...
Dfooster  +   479d ago
La noire was soulless, and the interrogations were deeply flawed.

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