Parting shots: how six celebrity developers met their demise

OXM UK: "It's heart-breaking when a development studio responsible for a game or series that you love closes down. Often, you'll remember them for the good times - the stand-out, stellar high points of their career - and not the decisions or titles that ultimately doomed them. Inevitably though, some studios come to be defined by their final release."

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brettyd1487d ago

One of my favorite games this gen.

SilentNegotiator1487d ago

Is Team Bondi really a "celebrity developer", though? Granted, they received the automatic extra-enthused approval that anything remotely Rockstar-related seems to get from the press, but they only created ONE game before falling apart ~5 months later.

IDK, that just seems a bit hasty, calling them "celebrity developers"

MikeyDucati11487d ago

I guess that title was given because Brendan.

1487d ago
Geovanny1487d ago

I miss Pandemic studios. They had good titles.

1487d ago
Dfooster1487d ago

La noire was soulless, and the interrogations were deeply flawed.