Goodbye, Don Mattrick: 5 Things The Last Xbox King Brought Us

FleshEatingZipper writes: Who called it? We called it. I’ve been asking for Don Mattrick’s head longer than Microsoft’s investors have been asking for Ballmer’s and it looks like now, three weeks after he took the stage in Los Angeles, he’s departing for distant seas. But who is this Mattrick? We’ve talked about him before, but let’s see if we can’t nail down his contributions to gaming down, for better or worse.

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pedrof931989d ago

He brought us EA games, Kinect and Xbox ONE.

OK now let's talk about the good things !

pedrof931989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

The 360 slim ? Which compared to the original Xbox isn't that slim ? Whose purposes was to fix the RROD ? That still came with that HUGE Power Brick ? What a great slim version you got there.


You mean the new 360 slim, which doesn't add anything new to the system ? Same size and same brick. With a uglier shape and one less optical output. AT THE SAME PRICE ?

Zoron0071989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

@pedrof93. It's just called the slim. Everyone calls it that. Its just slightly shorter. I dont care about the power brick. I don't even see it. Compared to the original, the slim has been much more reliable. I went through 3 original 360's between 2007 and 2010. I got the slim and have had no issues at all. I dont care about how it looks, I care about how it funcions, and for me at least, it works better than the original.

TongkatAli1989d ago

X360 slim still came with a power brick X D ROFL!

no_more_trolling1989d ago

its so cool to hate on MS right?
i hope it pays the bills for you and make you feel better about your life :)

TongkatAli1989d ago

I love Microsoft, bought Excel, Office and Powerpoint.

What am i supposed to say to a power brink in 2013. My Wii U has a power brink and it made me lol too.

Their game division is muff cabbage.

plaZeHD1989d ago

No, he brought us an amazing online service, Xbox Live. Xbox Live is such an amazing service like no other. And more importantly he brought us a developer friendly, reliable and slicker version of an already great console.
And yeah spam the dislikes on me you can do it, guys.

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airgangstarr1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

thank god this clown is gone everyone knew he was gone for sure though

RedSoakedSponge1989d ago

when he said "if you dont have internet we have a product for you. its called xbox 360" i was so shocked at the ignorance of the man. I bet he regretted saying that the second it left his lips lol.

No_Limit1989d ago

Man, I will miss seeing those Don Mattrick pics attached to every negative Xbox articles. :(

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