Analysis: 6th Gen v. 7th Gen Software Sales (Part 1 of 3 - PS3)

VG Chartz writes:

"I have heard much discussion about what is selling and what not selling this generation in comparison to last generation. I decided to do some homework and find out what is selling and why (or why not). Basically what I found were 3 main reasons why a particular franchise is or is not fairing as well this generation.

The first reason is user base. With the PS3 I am comparing a user base of 11 million to a user base of over 120 million so obviously PS3 games are going to struggle even equal their predecessors on the PS2. The Wii and 360 are a much more fair comparison I believe at this point.

The second reason is the actual quality of the game. Super Mario Galaxy has been out four months and is already statistically equal to Super Mario Sunshine. The Reason? Super Mario Galaxy is considered to be the second best game of all time, and SMS is considered by some to be a low point in the Mario franchise. Another game that would fall under this category would be Call of Duty 4. COD4 is selling like gangbusters and is showing no signs of slowing down.

The last reason is hype. Hype tends to go hand in hand with the quality, sometimes not, but it usually does. Halo 3 is not too far from surpassing the lifetime totals of Halo 2. Halo 3 is a great game but hype is what has allowed Halo to sell incredibly well even amongst the intense X360 FPS competition. "

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Danja3671d ago

seems to me that PS3 owners buy lots of games...but some of the game he mentioned deserved to have crappy sales like Sonic....

either way Software sales is very healthy for the console.

BeaArthur3671d ago

They haven't made a good Sonic game in years. People buy it for the name.

wulan3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

OMG another forum post of that VGCRAP.

Whats shocking is a random poster is comparing LTD sales of PS2 games with 1st year sales of PS3 games especially when PS3 didnt have a glorified 1st year. That TARD is also comparing the sales of LAUNCH PS3 titles with PS2 titles????

such a reliable analysis from such an UNBIASED and 100% accurate source!!!

a BullCRAP analysis at its worst.

PS3's 1st year sales arent that spectacular as PS2's .

Analyze the sales data after this year when PS3 would have a SUPER SOLID library

2007 was just a TEST YEAR for PS3.

2008 and beyond are what matters

Compare the sales at the end of this year. You will have atleast 4/5 5 million sellers on the list

le killer3671d ago

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wulan3671d ago

I sent you messages to notify the death anniversary of 3FIX ME today.

Today is the death anniversary of the F**BOX 3 FIX ME in europe . The numbers of weekly sales would be out in a moment.You XBUTTTT it is crying time in a matter of hours when numbers are in.

GAYBOY 3 FIX ME fantard you will be shut up forever from today at N4G

le killer3671d ago

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HarryEtTubMan3671d ago

PS3 already has over 10 million selling games... its one year old this month in Europe and 1 year and 3 months old all over the rest of the world. By the end of this year there will easily be about 20 million selling games. GTA, MGS4, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Socom, LBP, RE 5, There is alot more. Gran Tuerismo 5 prologue... PS3 is just on a different schedule but PS3 is still going to beat the 360 in everything. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH BOTS.

wulan3671d ago

considering the fact that VGCRAP still has put R&C and HS at around 950k when the DEVS themselves confirmed that both those games sold over 1 million.

You can add a new one next week ---GT5P.

By the end of this year PS3 would have atleast 30 million sellers with Resistance/LBP/KZ2/WKS /MGS4 all topping 5 m + in worldwide sales.

But seriouly even an ANALYSIS of a random poster at VGCRAP is being made into a story at N4G especially the PS3 and PS2 launch scenarios are so different.

Most bashers have been made to eat their words. They will totally shut up when MGS4/GTA are launched. The skeptics have been shut up after the launch of GT5P in europe. You will see massive spike in PS3 weekly HW sales next week (tomorrow when Chartrack releases their weekly DATA)

Pandaren003671d ago

the guy who wrote this is an extreme pro-nintendo/pro-wii guy, just look at his profile...
that site is absolutely TEEMING with nintendo fanboys, it makes me sick.

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