Zoo Magazine: GTA IV Preview Shows First In-game Pics With HUD

ZOO Magazine had a chance to play GTA 4 and in their latest magazine for the first time they are showing GTA 4 ingame with HUD, never before seen.


Notice there is not much to be seen on the HUD - this is because the HUD is dynamic, and certain aspects of it will only be displayed when activated (with the exception of the radar and the health and armor meters represented by semicircles around the perimeter of the radar).

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Breakfast3678d ago

In the first pick it looks like the dude is having the time of his life...ill be there soon

muhameds3678d ago

Yeah looks like he is having an orgasm :)

Amanosenpai3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )


Wondering why a mag with an article about "HOT CHICKS WITH DOUCHEBAGS" played it first lol

mesh13677d ago

LOOOKING JAW DROPPING GOOD on the 360 which is the lead platform good to see=)

Alcaponeyou3678d ago

i thought they looked crappy. april 29 is three days after my 19th bday :)

Breakfast3678d ago

Yea i noticed that too. They look good in those pics

chaosatom3333678d ago

the graphics will be amazing. The details are what really matter and I don't think anybody can judge that just by looking at screenshots or utube videos.

It's nice to have some videos and stuff, but i don't think it's going to change anybody's opinion of not buying the game.

eagle213678d ago

Cause now the new info is pouring in everyday. And April 29th will be the climax. Awesome. :)

toughNAME3678d ago

I can't remember how many years it's been since I last bought a magazine...

But when I spent some time in England...I bought this magazine...What are they doing previewing a game?

lol maybe its the wrong magazine.

pwnsause3678d ago

this is gonna be an awesome Birthday present, well my Bday is on april 24th.

Varsarus3677d ago

Which seems to be superior than your TurdBox 3fixme. Wait a minute, I thought ps3 ports from 360 sucked? tables have turned hahahahahahaha.

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The story is too old to be commented.