Gi - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt E3 Impressions

Gi - There’s a reason The Witcher 3 became one of Gaming Illustrated’s Best of E3 winners- it was one of the most stunning games across all three days of the event. Despite its gameplay silence being broken at the Microsoft event, nothing could have prepared for the hands-off demo we experienced over the course of an hour. Dozens of previews, interviews and a handful of screenshots only hinted at the scope and beauty of the game. As the lights dimmed in the small room and the demo began, it was hard not to feel a rush of excitement.

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Deividas1990d ago

Man, I have got to stop reading anything that has to do with this just gets me more excited than I already am damnit

thekhurg1990d ago

This game isn't getting the attention it deserves with all this Microsoft blundering going on eating up gaming news.