GT5 Prologue F2007 with Logitech G25

A gameplay video of the Ferrari F2007, using the Logitech G25 wheel.

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Genesis53671d ago

I want that wheel!! Anybody seen it in NA yet?

sonarus3671d ago

What a sissy this guy is. What is the point of using the G25 is you aren't going to use the clutch. That is just silly. I have the old logitech wheel for GT4 and even i drive manual most times. If i had the G25 wheel it would be manual all the way for me.

thor3671d ago

Yeah but the car itself has paddles, so I guess the F1 drivers are sissies too for not using a clutch :P

Agente473671d ago

The clutch with the F2007? How stupid can you get?...

sonarus3671d ago

lol regardless i am sure there is an option for manual transmission. You have to race manual when you have the G25

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C_SoL3671d ago

That sh*t is crazy....I need to buy a wheel. Did u see that force feedback?

ravinash3671d ago

Does any one know where there is a good place to pick these up in the UK?
Looked on the Logitech site and despite the US site listing the cost there ar $299, on the UK site its £200 for some reason...seems like the Europeans are being ripped off yet again.
Most site like Amazon Don't even seem to list the latest version of the wheel yet in Europe....If I've missed something, please let me know.

HarryEtTubMan3671d ago




I'm getting the wheel and I can't wait!!(comes with force feedback)

pwnsause3671d ago

how much is the G25? im getting this, oh and is it %100 compatible to the game, like H shift and clutch?

Agente473671d ago

Yes, everything works 100%.

Spinner3671d ago

Too expensive, but 200% worth it.

$230 cheapest currently ( @ )

Real gamer 4 life3671d ago

but he looks like he has the frame aswell. where can i get the frame?

tweaker3671d ago

Make yourself one. Its easy with creative thinking and some basic tools. I'm going to rebuild me one with a welder and spare metal parts.

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The story is too old to be commented.