[Building Bridges] “I enjoy multiplayer games, but I’m not interested in a combat role …”

So what options are there for like-minded players who want to benefit their teammates but are looking for more creative ways to do so than simply blasting their enemies? User Dracosummoner thinks of this style of play as not necessarily being “pacifistic” but instead being more of a “life-first” approach to multiplayer.

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ArchangelMike1931d ago

Play the Last of us multiplayer and play as the support class. If you just go round healing your team mates, you can actually get more points that a straight up combat role.

digitalwolf1931d ago

for me that seems to be the case a lot of the time :D

especially in a game like battlefield

STK0261931d ago

While it works very well, I think the points system in The Last of Us should be modified. I've had games where I would be a medic, alongside 3 other medics, all armed with revolvers and 9mms. We made plenty of points, but got crushed by the enemy team. But none of us would change class, as we all had over 110 survivors, and getting enough supplies for larger population is much harder when playing as a non-medic class.

I think it would be for the best if all winning team members could at least not lose survivors, as it would encourage people to actually try to win the game, not just play it safe as a medic.

As for the article itself, healing in video games can be very fun, it really depends on the game, and the mechanics involved.