Darkspore Servers Shutdown, unplayable, no support, removed from Steam

You know how a while ago warnings were issued about always-on DRM games? Games like Diablo III, SimCity and for a short while Miner Wars 2081, fall into the category of games that will cease to exist once the master servers shutdown for good. You get an example of how this will work with the Darkspore, which is no longer receiving support, and no longer available for digital purchase from Steam.

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SpideySpeakz1968d ago

The benefits of DRM...Wow.
EA is becoming a tragedy to the gaming community.
Simcity 5 is next, people. I expect those servers to shutdown within late 2015.

Fireseed1968d ago

Well people are going to have to start weighing whether Online only games are for them are not.

Keep in mind I WHOLY agree that Darkspore and SimCity should NOT be always online.

But with that being said, some games HAVE to be. Take for example League of Legends their is absolutely no way that game could ever be offline. But I've spent over 200$ on it and have come to terms with the fact that if Riot were to ever shut down the servers (Not that it's any time soon) I'd lose all my purchases. And I'm perfectly ok with that cause I feel the time I've spent with the game was well worth it.

Keep that in mind next tie you start playing an always online game.

MikeyDucati11968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

It was pulled because people were filing complaints about server issues. The game is still available on Origin servers and EA released a statement that it will be back on Steam shortly.

I think this article is a bad attempt at saying that DRM is just plain bad. Not true when other games use DRM with no problems.

Saryk1968d ago

DRM is ok as long as it does not bend over their paying customers!

grassyknoll1968d ago

This is why always online games are never gonna be part of my future.