LoveFilm confirm they are No longer offering Game Rentals

Amazon-owned LoveFilm have confirmed that they will no longer be offering game rentals.
Last week Gamebrit reported that the rental and streaming company may be putting an end to their games-by-post service. Now, an email received by Gamebrit confirms the immediate change.

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adamandkate1965d ago

Well is this how it's going to be.... Microsoft removes drm so you all can rent games... However pays rental companies to stop renting so you can't rent?

Zichu1965d ago

Where does it say that MS are paying Amazon to stop game rentals??

Are you just trying cause trouble for everyone?

adamandkate1965d ago

Your obviously a bit too trusting

Zichu1965d ago

No, I just don't put the blame on a company for another companies decisions.

Why would they only pay off Amazon and not Gamefly or Redbox? Why would they pay Amazon to stop lending games out for multiple platforms?

I don't think MS can just pay off a company to not lend out PS3, PS2, PSP, Wii and DS games.

MikeyDucati11965d ago

Don't be silly. Comments like that don't generate agree clicks because the comment is stupid.

demonicale6661965d ago

I have to say, i'm STRONGLY thinking of cancelling my account now.

If this is how it is, i'll just buy second hand ps4 games when they come out and are cheap as shit, no way will i buy brand new games for £40 that are just single player games.

Alot of my friends ONLY buy brand new games that have a good multiplayer with them.

Fucks me off how everything now a day's is about money, this never was the case, why have they suddenly stopped this?, because of greedy fucking publishers ... pathetic!

mydyingparadiselost1965d ago

This is unfortunate for the UK, I hope Gamefly here in the states isn't the next to go, I need my rental services!

bub161965d ago

wow really!! i relied on lovefilm heavily in the last 3 years!! had nearly everygame out because of them.

if this is the case, netflix subscriptions will soon be going up!

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