The Wii U GamePad Isn’t a Revolution

GenGAME writes: "I don’t think the purpose of the Wii U GamePad is really to be revolutionary at all. I think the Wii U GamePad exists to protect Nintendo’s investment in second screen gaming, already one of their most successful differentiating factors as demonstrated by DS and 3DS, by making Wii U the first home game console to incorporate a second screen into the base package. In other words, Nintendo wants to make sure that they continue to hold on to two-screen gaming as a uniquely “Nintendo” feature."

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jcnba281989d ago

It's more revolutionary than the DS4 or X1 controller that's for sure.

Rusty5151989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

It'd only be revolutionary if other companies like Sony or Microsoft adopted this kind of controller in the future for their next consoles. Which I honestly don't see that happening. I believe the word you're looking for is unique. Not revolutionary or innovative.

GameCents1989d ago

But ds4 haz a share buttonz. Revolution evolved!

ape0071989d ago

with all honesty FPS games play horrible on it

ZeekQuattro1989d ago

Translation. You suck at FPS games so it must be the controller. Got it.

bass4g1989d ago

dont understand why that would be the case. It pretty much is just a regular controller with a screen on it. Although I could see it maybe being a bit uncomfortable? I don't know

ape0071989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

lol FPS is my fav genre, i've been playin FPS games since i was 7 with all different types of controllers with doom, turok, goldeney, perfect dark, quake series, duke nukem, the world is not enough, unreal, half life 1 and 2, halo series, timesplitters, CoD, Crysis KZ, BF etc...................

the gamepad for FPS is bad imo, playing BO2 online with it feels like a mission, the xbox 360 controller is the best fps controller ever, the DS3 is very good, way better than wiiu pad,

it feels like u hold a skateboard or something

N4g_null1988d ago

Ape try adjusting the settings in game or just go with a nun chuck setup. I'm sure you are being slaughtered by superior control methods like simple point and shoot. As a fellow quake player the most natural setup would by touch based almost mouse like. The nunchuck set up replicates this though. You will have to tweak it just like quake. Some times I play using the game pads ir sensor.
Also never play without resting your hands on something like your leg. Bops2 on the wiiu is a serious workout if you don't do that.

It is actually way more effortless with the nunchuck.

The gamepad feels great to me but I prefer pin point fast accuracy since that is what I'm use to. Also you are playing g a modified quake engine and the frame rate on the wiiu is a true solid 60 so the aiming is going to be very very sensitive.

MasterCratosKong661986d ago

Works just fine to me. The gamepad is my controller of choice and nothing fits better in my hands, but then again I have big hands. I actually compared to my 360 and I played better on Gamepad.

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AznGaara1989d ago

Right cause e3 didn't show a crap ton of game with Tablet integration... Lol. Battlefield, Watch_Dogs, The Devision, Project Spark... Yeah no one is adopting the technology at all.

kirbyu1989d ago

Actually, once you start using off-TV play, it's really hard to go back.

Summons751989d ago

Yupp you never know how great it is when your daughter comes downstairs in the morning and wants to watch cartoons while your playing assassin's creed or Darksiders until it actually happens. Just switch to the gamepad and keep playing after she's settled.

Also I've have been waiting for something like this for splinter cell and using the controller as the under door cam or sticky cam...been saying that'd be cool since he first game.

Plenty of potential behind the wiiu gamepad, devs just need to do a little creative thinking.

N4g_null1988d ago

Great ideas man! You should email the development team you might even get credit.

Angeljuice1989d ago

It's not a bad article, you are just being defensive. It isn't 'revolutionary', its just the mainstream implementation of various forms of gaming. The thing with Nintendo fans is they think Nintendo is so innovative with everything they do.

I was reading a lengthy article the other day posted by one such fan saying how Nintendo were the first company to bring out motion controlled play on a console, and Sony and Microsoft just copied the idea. I had to point out that actually PS2 had the PSeye years before Nintendo 'copied' the idea and built a console around it.

There are a few inaccuracies in the article such as:
"Nintendo 3DS isn’t thriving right now because of its 3D screen, but rather because it’s *the best handheld platform* with the best software lineup on the market right now".

Best software lineup maybe, but "best handheld platform"? Not even a contender.

The article is actually very much pro-nintendo, it just says something you don't want to hear.

WhiskyWhiskers1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Trying to reason with facts with Nintendo fans is just about as useless as doing it with Xbox fans. Sad when you are actually stating real facts and people still refuse to believe them.

Not even being negative towards Nintendo. I just also have been around long enough to know these things as well but it bothers me a lot that so many Nintendo fans think Nintendo created everything.

legendoflex1989d ago

You know who gets to decide which handheld platform is the "best"? The market does. That's why I consider 3DS to be winning in that department, even if it can't win in raw specs, feature sets, and an appeal to "hardcore" sensibilities. It's far and away the better platform for the average person's needs, though.

deafdani1989d ago

In the end, what defines the quality of a console, handheld or otherwise, is its games library. And in that aspect, the 3DS is absolutely destroying the Vita and mobile devices, making it effectively yhe best handheld out there.

Go ahead, disagree if you want, but this isn't really anything new. This is why the PS2 was also considered by the main public to be the best home console of its time, despite it being technologically inferior to both the Cube and first Xbox.

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