Top 7... Badass British video game characters

GamesRadar - It’s Independence Day on Thursday. If you’re one of our American readers, this means you get a free day to sit at home in your Stars and Stripes underwear playing games. You might set off some fireworks and wave a flag. If you’re one of our British readers, it’s business as usual. Keep calm, carry on and try to avoid over-using the keep calm and carry on slogan. No flags, no fireworks--dull, by comparison.

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ala_7671873d ago

Haytham Kenway is awesome! Sad that hez a templar

ANIALATOR1361873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

there needs to be more british videogame heroes and heroines

Sam Fisher1873d ago

There needs to be more non white protagonist in the gaming world, so many white heroes gets me thinking, almost all the world saviors are white, whether it be white american, white german, white brit, it doesnt matter its a white world, id like to see a non stereotypic spanish, black,indian(not native american), hell even french, idc just alittle tired of the white man being the hero

FortKnight1869d ago

It's kind of depressing how many downvotes that got. We need more diversity in the medium.