10 Shocking Video Game Twists You Never Saw Coming

WC - Whether we realize it or not, humans use expectations to measure our satisfaction with an experience. If our expectations are not met, we feel disappointment and frustration. If the expectations are fulfilled, we’re satisfied. But the true magic occurs only when our expectations are exceeded. When our expectations are surpassed, not only are we thrilled with the result, but the experience is cemented in our memory for some time. Plot twists are a great way for a developer to defy expectations and delight the player with something they would never have predicted.

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Dr Pepper1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

Hmmm. I wouldn't say the deaths of certain characters, like in HL2 Episode 2 and Red Dead Redemption, were twists. They weren't meant to fool/mislead a player's (or viewer's) understanding of the story up to that point, as a plot twist usually does. At least, that's how I view a twist on the narrative.

Interesting that those two are included, yet the first Bioshock and Knights of the old Republic are not.