When Will Microsoft Lower The Xbox One Price?

The Tyuno Project: " It seems that some people are starting to see the new Xbox One in a different way, but still people are preferring the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One. The main reason why people are more likely to buy the PS4 is because of the price difference. So with that being said, I wonder if Microsoft will lower the price of the Xbox One to compete with the PS4 and if so when?"

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dedicatedtogamers1968d ago

They aren't going to lower the price before launch. Business-wise, it would be suicide and investors would be very upset. They'll let the price ride for 6 months to a year and then drop it if it's really such a big burden.

Yi-Long1968d ago

... but I think they'll have to throw a few free games into the bundle, to convince people to pay a 100 extra bucks for, technically, an inferior system (compared to the PS4, which is 100 bucks cheaper).

GusBricker1968d ago

A game or a free year of Xbox Live.

dedicatedtogamers1968d ago

That makes sense to you...but we're talking about the company that just kicked off its "Free games for Gold" promotion with a 4-year-old game that has been on sale a dozen times.

Cmk01211968d ago

im a pro xbox guy all the way but they have done little to justify the price at this point, the kinect even if its as amazing as they say doesnt warrant the cost because every consumer does not want that kinect experience. as a fan its been shocking that they have remained MUM on justifying their stance in this gen, lack of info after e3 and confusing messaging. hoipe that changes and they have an ACE in the hole as for now its a PR nightmare

KaMaHKaZiE1968d ago


I would like to know how the Xbox is inferior, technically speaking the PS4 is just an upgraded PS3 while the X1 is a whole new system. Just wondering is all :)

1968d ago
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komp1968d ago

You see the thing in business is that *IF* Don Mattrick is leaving then you can be sure they will come out with his dirt and say "Hey everyone, now he is gone we can do all this stuff instead"

They could do the impossible under this scenario without looking like foolish U-turners.

It is a get outta jail card really in the business world and happens a lot. Even governments blame the last guy for failure every time....

CRAIG6671968d ago

I agree with you in regards to Governments, but I think Microsoft REALLY have to start showing a little stability at this point.

dark-hollow1968d ago

They could drop the mandatory kinect and release a bundle without it for $100-$150 cheaper.

FITgamer1968d ago

It's highly unlikely they will ever release a SKU without Kinect. It would be nice, but i don't see it happening considering how hard they are pushing the controller free navigation and snap features.

Cmk01211968d ago

they cant, its built into the OS, at some point they have to ride their plan out and cant allow the consumer to dictate too much. i know they want it to sell but cant be bullied via internet yaknow

ceedubya91968d ago

They really want to make sure that Kinect is in every box, and that developers know that every XBO user has one. It makes the product a bit more relevant this time around. While keeping Kinect as part of the package, I think a lot of people would be okay with that if they priced the box more competitively and made the use of the camera optional and not required to make the system run.

fermcr1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

"When Will Microsoft Lower The Xbox One Price?"

It all depends on the sales. If they are happy with X1 sales after launch, then they won't lower it any time soon... otherwise, will probably take 6 months after launch... or launch a cheaper X1 without Kinect.

AngelicIceDiamond1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

I personally don't think the price is bad for either console. Last year I was expecting worse, allot worse.

The fact that People flock to new Phones that cost upwards of 700$ is BEYOND crazy. And spend 6 7 hundred dollars on ipads every year is crazy as well.

Seems like consumers wanna make excuses for not purchasing these consoles because of what they do, which is game. But its perfectly justifiable to throw down 700$ for a new phone? Oh you wanna call people that ba... oh no its all the new features it has, and you can show it off to all your friends I see. When game console has those similar features/apps AND you can call people with these console's now(X1).

Just saying it makes no sense.

EDIT: To further extend my comment. Sony and MS saw a vision of offering more of what the consoles initially do, back in 05 and 06. Remember blue Ray? On paper it was genius but come launch, everyone laughed at it because of the price and "would rather buy a standalone Blue Ray" argument. Several years later success.

Several years later people laughed at MS for not having Blue Ray in the hardware. MS later announced big time apps and streaming services hitting its console. Now they just shy of 50 apps on 360, success.

If phones and Tablets are justifiable, then so are consoles now, if they weren't before.

KaMaHKaZiE1968d ago

Wow you took the words right out of my mouth. I see people buying ipads for close to 800 with all the accessories but the x1 is to expensive for something that does the same and more?

Really makes no sense but then again this is N4G.

No_Limit1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Yea, the highest X360 Sku with Kinect 1.0 currently still retails for $400 and the Xbox One is definitely priced about what I am expecting it to be. The Kinect 2.0 alone might cost $150 so the $500 is really not that bad consider all the new tech and support of Windows 8 apps and such. This is not your cell phone or iPad, this is an investment that will be with you for 7-10 years.

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RiPPn1968d ago

lol @ talking about lowering the price for a product that hasn't even sold at uts announced price yet.

What will likely happen is a subsidised model announced before launch.

No_Limit1968d ago

Hi RiPPn, so trolling on and getting banned from Neogaf is not enough for you,eh? Don't worry, you are safe, N4G will always welcome you with open arms. :)

RiPPn1968d ago (Edited 1968d ago )

Wow, quite the detective aren't you? So what's your point? Been a member at CAG forever and was banned on GAF for satirical post. Is your comment supposed to discredit me in some way?

No_Limit1968d ago

Just playing with you kido. I been a member of CAG and Neogaf myself and was surprised they banned you as I have seen worst on that site.

310dodo1968d ago

They shouldnt
If People are willing to pay $535 after tax for it...
more power to them

I already Paid $435 for my PS4
hurry up and release the new systems all ready!!!

Pascalini1968d ago

It's not that pricey

The kinect is what's costing the extra 80 pounds

Expect a price drop on both ps4 and xb1 a year after launch at the very least

fattyuk1968d ago

1 year after expect

PS4 to have a super bundle with PS plus, a camera, few games or even a PS4/ Vita pack

Xbox one will have a call of duty console at a stupid price and a brand new kinect 2.5 console.. in white!

jmc88881968d ago

Well you do realize we are living in the greatest depression mankind has every witnessed right?

You do realize it's getting worse the last 5 years not better right?

vallencer1968d ago

So the economy is worse then it was back in the 40's and 50's?? I hope you don't beleive that....

stiggs1968d ago

"...we are living in the greatest depression mankind has ever witnessed"

I believe that the decade following the 1920s was slightly worse. It was called, uh...oh yeah, THE GREAT DEPRESSION.

2013 - "I wonder if I should preorder the PS4 or the Xbox One? Perhaps I'll just get both."

1931 - "I wonder if my family will starve to death tonight? Perhaps we'll eat the dog".

Yeah, you're right jmc8888. The current economic climate is MUCH worse.

deafdani1968d ago

Get some history lessons, dude.

thechosenone1968d ago

It's going to take years for the price to drop so don't expect one any time soon.

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