Underappreciated: Dragon’s Dogma – Dark Arisen

Opinion piece about how the author feels Dragon's Dogma is under-rated.

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bohangirl841967d ago

Dragon's Dogma sounds like a truly epic experience for any fan of the action-RPG genre.

MysticStrummer1966d ago

I enjoyed the original greatly, but haven't tried Dark Arisen yet. It is epic indeed, and fun to build your character and your main pawn. It's good to level them up in the various classes, because each unlocks different bonuses that can be equipped with other classes.

Hanso1966d ago

so i switch classes everey 10 levels ?
still havent played it Dark Arisen is waiting in my backlog^^

MysticStrummer1966d ago

Yup pretty much. There are skills for each vocation that become available as you level up, and then there's another list of unlocks for each vocation called augments. You can use the augments you've unlocked with any class, but only six augments at a time can be equipped.

Here's a list of the augments.