The Top 5: Most anticipated games of the current gen

With the next-gen taking up most of people's mind share, the Gamer Horizon Crew weighs in on the games still coming out in the current gen in 2013.

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matrixman921963d ago

the south park game needs to hurry up and come out

NeXXXuS1963d ago

I'm going to teach you a fart called, The Nagasaki...

PS3Freak1963d ago

"1. Grand Theft Auto V – It’s Grand Theft Auto V. I’m not sure why it’s not number one on everyone’s list. September 17th can not come soon enough."

This guy knows what he's talking about.

My personal list would go

1. GTA V
2. Watch Dogs
3. South Park
4. COD - not because I like COD, but because so many others do.
5. Beyond two souls/Murdered Soul suspect.

Saint's Row should be mentioned as well, but I'm not really a Saint's Row fan.

MikeyDucati11963d ago

Some good mentions in there. I'm buying a Wii U just for Bayonetta 2.

N2NOther1963d ago

Thanks for reading! I didn't include CoD, which if you look at my avatar you can tell I'm a fan of, because I'm getting it on PS4. I wanted to keep the lists to the current gen, even though Alex cheated.

1963d ago
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