New details of Trials: Fusion revelead

Today, Ubisoft revealed in their official Ubi Blog, new information regarding the upcoming Trials game for the next generation of consoles entitled Fusion the game melds the classic, proven Trials formula of simple yet addictive competition with the social and visual breakthroughs of the next generation of gaming.

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Yi-Long1990d ago

... TrialsHD and Trials Evolution are some of my favourite games ever.

000011990d ago

agreed, i was surprised to hear about this at E3, i wasn't expecting an announcement so soon. hopefully it retains everything that made the first two games fun. on a side note, i didn't realize Ubisoft owned this franchise, i always thought Microsoft owned the Trials franchise due to Red Lynx developing the game exclusively for the xbox360? but either way im happy because ill be able to get it on ps4.